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Mar 18 - I've been so busy working on my Slayers fanfic that I haven't even finished Jeanne D'Arc. Last month I was going through all the stages in case I missed something and for training. I think they're ready, though I want to finish going around the map. I'll do that as soon as I'm done with my fics, since that's what's calling me the most right now. XD I still have Wild Arms XF to play.

Mar 19 - I feel accomplished. XD I learned how to properly use php email forms that don't depend on an email program from the computer or on an email form service. It's all done by the server side includes. It feels like I'm Snow's classmate because I'm learning stuff too.

Mar 20 - I really need to organize my notes page on Fantasy Bit. It's getting so long I might make it in it's own page along with the mini games. That would make things organized. I'll work on that later, after I'm done with the Slayers fanfic. I also want to redo one of the skins for that site.

Mar 21 - Yesterday I watched Dragon Ball Z. I had watched Kai before but it only goes to the Cell saga. I'm watching the rest of the episodes from Z. I've watched this series many times already, but it's always fun. I just watched the fight between Trunks and Goten. Chibi Trunks and Goten are adorable! They're disguised as Mighty Mask now.

Mar 22 - The "weekend" went by fast, but it was very productive. ^_^

Fantasy Bit
Mar 20 - Added a contact form for emails.
Mar 22 - Joined another web-clique.

Mar 15 - Slayers Alive 78: Vengeful! The Dragon Slayers' Secret
Mar 17 - Slayers Alive 79: Thankful! Little Miracles
Mar 19 - Slayers Alive 80: Rebirth! The Light Of New Hope
Mar 21 - Slayers Alive 81: Dramatic! Building Up Tensions

Mar 14 - Slayers: Freedom 7
Mar 14 - Slayers: Freedom 8
Mar 15 - Slayers: Freedom 9
Mar 15 - Clouds Background
Mar 17 - Wolf Key (Slayers)
Mar 17 - Milgazia is not amused (Slayers)
Mar 17 - Little Val (Slayers)
Mar 18 - Broken (Slayers)
Mar 18 - Val's yoyo (Slayers)
Mar 18 - Filia's Icecream (Slayers)
Mar 19 - Zelas' Brass Racket (Slayers)
Mar 19 - Milgazia and Justice (Slayers)
Mar 20 - Nothing Nails (photo)
Mar 20 - Monster (Slayers)
Mar 20 - WTF?! (Slayers)
Mar 21 - Email Form (Slayers)
Mar 22 - Dalmatian Nails
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I need to level up in Jeanne D'Arc before I can beat the last boss. Why does the frog still fight if the human soul has returned to its original body? Shouldn't the human join the group instead? I'll probably play Wild Arms XF after I finish Jeanne D'Arc.

I had an odd dream where Xellos kept poking me with his staff saying "get up, the queen wants you on the battle field, your dragon is waiting." I'm guessing that the queen was Zelas. But the dragons and monsters are supposed to be enemies, so if I worked for Zelas, why did I have a dragon partner?


Feb 23 - Slayers Alive 63: What Happens, Happened (Slayers)


Feb 20 - I hate flowers (Slayers)
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Feb 16, 5:05pm - My connection is on and off again. -.-

Feb 16, 6:31pm - Finished the first season of Zenki. I remember some of these episodes from years ago. I would watch them in the morning before school so I was half asleep and everything is bit blurry. Watching them again has felt mostly new, with a few scenes I recognize here and there.

Feb 17, 4:19pm - Lupapa is cute! I had forgotten the little bunny from Zenki and then I saw it and was like "Lupapa!!! :D"

Feb 17, 4:47pm - I found more similarities between Zenki and Inuyasha, I'll post a full list when I finish the series.

Feb 18, 4:49pm - Chibi Zenki's english voice improves a lot in the second season. XD I'm on episode 31 now. I'm on the Liane rescue mission on Jeanne D'Arc.

Feb 18, 4:54 - My internet connection is worse than yesterday. >:(

Feb 18, 10:37pm - Still having fun playing Jeanne D'Arc. Roger's was just revealed and a bunch of free stages were unlocked so I'll be running around the map exploring for a while. I might also go slay some dragons.


Feb 16 - Slayers Alive 60: Painful Grudges
Feb 17 - Slayers Alive 61: Breaking Barriers
Feb 19 - Slayers Alive 62: Showdown of Dragons and Magic


Feb 19 - Sakel and Faili doodles (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Leopard bandit (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Val's chewtoy (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Zelas' dragon cuisine book (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 14, 12:15pm - Why is it that I laugh like an idiot when Zenki says "set fire to my horn"? ...because it's funny I guess?

February 15, 11:37pm - Another game join the human x nonhuman crack club. In Jeanne D'arc it's an elf and a panther. He talks, walks, dresses and acts like a human, but he looks very much like a panther. Granted she's not human and they point out she's different, but really she just has pointy ears. Bartolomeo and Beatrix... I thought she was some sort of beastman hunter when she first appeared wanting to fight him. But no, she was just chasing after her fiance, sadistic Zelda look alike. Too bad she joins so late in the game and the archer spot in my team has already been filled by Reno's little brother, or some kid that looks like he could be. As for the other games with the oddpairs, there's a human x wolfguy wedding in Breath of Fire and I don't mean werewolf, I mean full time anthro wolf, or maybe I should say furry? In one of the endinds of Tetris Battle Gaiden if you play as the wolf he marries the human (purple hair aside) queen at the end. Then there's Slayers, not a game but an anime. They make fun of the other members of the human x nonhuman club with their silly human x fish crack and I don't mean mermaids, but actual fish with silly human arms and legs sticking out of the fully fish body. I'm surprised they haven't paired a human with another nonhuman aside from fish yet, I mean they have all sorts of furries in that crazy Dungeons & Dragons style series that loves to poke fun at itself. As for my progress in Jeanne D'Arc to say it without spoilers, I got the third armor dude and Jeanne is taking a break with Liane stepping into the spotlight for a while. I'm trying to level all my mains to 35.

February 15, 11:52pm - My throat kind of hurts. I hope I'm not getting sick. Now watching episode 18 of Zenki, having fun!

----- Updates -----


February 15 - Blue Green (Nails)
February 15 - Hair (Photo)
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----- News -----

February 12 - Yesterday was drunk unrequited love day at work. You'll get the full story when I post part seven of the Random Events at the Airport blogs. It'll be a funny one.

I think Freedom of Speech is really dead... The fanfiction site I mean, though the other one has been agonizing as of late. http://www.fos-ff.net I miss the days when Lilah still managed this site. Lilah is you're out there, say something! FOS or not, it would still be nice to exchange emails now and then.

I'm still having fun playing Jeanne D'Arc. So the ugly pink toad has a use after all... Couldn't they just use a pot for that, like boiling the gems? Seriously something less ugly would have been nice. That toad better have some sort of plot relevance because it's too icky to be kept around just for the game thing. I'm leveling my main team to 25. It shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 more practice fights to get there. After that I'm going after the 3rd fortress, the purple one north of where the dauphin lives.

It looked like disconnecting the phone from my tech room actually helped somewhat. I'll keep it disconnected.

What's up with Fanfiction Net? Is it dying again? I just posted my fanfic update, this means people won't be able to review. I want to get reviews! D:

----- Updates -----


February 12 - Slayers Alive 59: Details That History Forgot (Slayers)


February 12 - Filia and Solex (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 9 - I'm having a ton of fun playing Jeanne D'Arc even though tactics isn't my thing this game is super cute and the characters level quickly. I had to stop to train them but the progress is clearly noticeable so it doesn't feel like grinding.

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February 9: To Live Another Day 57: Victory is Subjective (Slayers)

Video Games

Feb. 8th, 2012 07:05 pm
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----- News -----

February 7 - My left wrist has been hurting since I woke up. I think I twisted it in my sleep.

Chrono Cross sure does have a lot of meaningless tasks to be done at the start. Now I need to wake up something to get inside a mansion when so little plot reasons have been given? A lot of things happened out of no where. I suppose something must be behind it, but there's nothing to really motivate the characters to play along yet they do. It feels very random. I'm not fond of the element battle system either. Overall it's a pretty average RPG so far, nothing grand.

I took a break and started Knight in the Nightmare, does it ever suck! It's sort of strategy but not really. You do repetitive actions trying to kill enemies before time runs out and it quickly becomes very boring. The intro and art are beautiful, but that's misleading to the true low quality of the game play. I didn't even finish the first fight and don't see myself picking this up again. I still haven't played Jeanne d'Arc or Wild Arms (forgot which one it was). I'll probably try those out and see which one gets my attention the most. I'll get back to Chrono Cross eventually and to Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Tag Force 4.

February 8 - I tried playing Jeanne D'Arc later last night. It's tactics, but it's faster paced than Disgaea. I like that you can move each character one after another rather than setting up all their actions all at once. You can do that in Disgaea too, but this one still feels faster paced. The anime, art and characters are so cute! The only one I dislike is the creepy pink frog. I like the storyline so far, though it's barely the beginning. Jeanne kind of reminded me of Mulan a bit, but more vengeful, cooler. I'm sticking with this game for a while before I go back to Chrono Cross. I'm on the forest mission where you have to save the guy with pink hair. He's stupid and keeps charging forward and getting killed. He got killed twice, but I have a plan to made Jeanne run over there and save the idiot next time.

Another post about random airport events http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/215681.html

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February 8 - To Live Another Day 56: Get Along, Try Again


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