Feb. 8th, 2012

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Feb. 8th, 2012 07:05 pm
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February 7 - My left wrist has been hurting since I woke up. I think I twisted it in my sleep.

Chrono Cross sure does have a lot of meaningless tasks to be done at the start. Now I need to wake up something to get inside a mansion when so little plot reasons have been given? A lot of things happened out of no where. I suppose something must be behind it, but there's nothing to really motivate the characters to play along yet they do. It feels very random. I'm not fond of the element battle system either. Overall it's a pretty average RPG so far, nothing grand.

I took a break and started Knight in the Nightmare, does it ever suck! It's sort of strategy but not really. You do repetitive actions trying to kill enemies before time runs out and it quickly becomes very boring. The intro and art are beautiful, but that's misleading to the true low quality of the game play. I didn't even finish the first fight and don't see myself picking this up again. I still haven't played Jeanne d'Arc or Wild Arms (forgot which one it was). I'll probably try those out and see which one gets my attention the most. I'll get back to Chrono Cross eventually and to Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds Tag Force 4.

February 8 - I tried playing Jeanne D'Arc later last night. It's tactics, but it's faster paced than Disgaea. I like that you can move each character one after another rather than setting up all their actions all at once. You can do that in Disgaea too, but this one still feels faster paced. The anime, art and characters are so cute! The only one I dislike is the creepy pink frog. I like the storyline so far, though it's barely the beginning. Jeanne kind of reminded me of Mulan a bit, but more vengeful, cooler. I'm sticking with this game for a while before I go back to Chrono Cross. I'm on the forest mission where you have to save the guy with pink hair. He's stupid and keeps charging forward and getting killed. He got killed twice, but I have a plan to made Jeanne run over there and save the idiot next time.

Another post about random airport events http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/215681.html

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February 8 - To Live Another Day 56: Get Along, Try Again


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