Feb. 16th, 2012

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February 14, 12:15pm - Why is it that I laugh like an idiot when Zenki says "set fire to my horn"? ...because it's funny I guess?

February 15, 11:37pm - Another game join the human x nonhuman crack club. In Jeanne D'arc it's an elf and a panther. He talks, walks, dresses and acts like a human, but he looks very much like a panther. Granted she's not human and they point out she's different, but really she just has pointy ears. Bartolomeo and Beatrix... I thought she was some sort of beastman hunter when she first appeared wanting to fight him. But no, she was just chasing after her fiance, sadistic Zelda look alike. Too bad she joins so late in the game and the archer spot in my team has already been filled by Reno's little brother, or some kid that looks like he could be. As for the other games with the oddpairs, there's a human x wolfguy wedding in Breath of Fire and I don't mean werewolf, I mean full time anthro wolf, or maybe I should say furry? In one of the endinds of Tetris Battle Gaiden if you play as the wolf he marries the human (purple hair aside) queen at the end. Then there's Slayers, not a game but an anime. They make fun of the other members of the human x nonhuman club with their silly human x fish crack and I don't mean mermaids, but actual fish with silly human arms and legs sticking out of the fully fish body. I'm surprised they haven't paired a human with another nonhuman aside from fish yet, I mean they have all sorts of furries in that crazy Dungeons & Dragons style series that loves to poke fun at itself. As for my progress in Jeanne D'Arc to say it without spoilers, I got the third armor dude and Jeanne is taking a break with Liane stepping into the spotlight for a while. I'm trying to level all my mains to 35.

February 15, 11:52pm - My throat kind of hurts. I hope I'm not getting sick. Now watching episode 18 of Zenki, having fun!

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February 15 - Blue Green (Nails)
February 15 - Hair (Photo)
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If Inuyasha lets go of his sword he goes crazy with his power that's otherwise locked away awakening and going berserk, if Zenki picks up the golden axe he goes crazy in the same way... I'm guessing that I can expect Chiaki to be all Kagome in a future episode and bring Zenki back to his sense maybe? Oh wait, Zenki was made before Inuyasha, so Kagome is the one acting like Chiaki. XD

I found some more similarities between Inuyasha and Zenki. Continued from here: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/217583.html

- There's a weapon that affects the main guy's power.

- There's a monk that travels around with the group.

- An ally was brainwashed and forced to work for the villains.

- There is time travel from the modern age to the feudal era.

- There are mythological creatures.

- There's a tree that's significant to the plot.

- There are small magical items that induce transformations and create troublesome beasts.


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