Feb. 12th, 2012

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----- News -----

February 12 - Yesterday was drunk unrequited love day at work. You'll get the full story when I post part seven of the Random Events at the Airport blogs. It'll be a funny one.

I think Freedom of Speech is really dead... The fanfiction site I mean, though the other one has been agonizing as of late. http://www.fos-ff.net I miss the days when Lilah still managed this site. Lilah is you're out there, say something! FOS or not, it would still be nice to exchange emails now and then.

I'm still having fun playing Jeanne D'Arc. So the ugly pink toad has a use after all... Couldn't they just use a pot for that, like boiling the gems? Seriously something less ugly would have been nice. That toad better have some sort of plot relevance because it's too icky to be kept around just for the game thing. I'm leveling my main team to 25. It shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 more practice fights to get there. After that I'm going after the 3rd fortress, the purple one north of where the dauphin lives.

It looked like disconnecting the phone from my tech room actually helped somewhat. I'll keep it disconnected.

What's up with Fanfiction Net? Is it dying again? I just posted my fanfic update, this means people won't be able to review. I want to get reviews! D:

----- Updates -----


February 12 - Slayers Alive 59: Details That History Forgot (Slayers)


February 12 - Filia and Solex (Slayers)


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