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Mar. 28th, 2012 09:45 pm
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Mar 23 - The phone line is down and so is the DSL. They say it should be fixed by the 27th. That's too far away!!!

Mar 26 (Afternoon) - The lack of internet is eating my sanity. I'm so #$%& mad today! It's taking a huge effort not to kick every living creature that crosses my path. I borrowed a work comp yesterday, no logging in, just looking. Left some annon comments. Everything looked so fun, all those new posts. I want to join in too! I want my net! They said it would be fixed by tomorrow, though I was really hoping for today. If they don't get this fixed tomorrow I'll snap! Screw prices, screw everything, I'm getting some wireless service contract even if I have to use a new cell as a router and it's ridiculously expensive. I want my internet and I'll do anything in my power to get it. My thoughts would make a sailor blush right now, I'm so angry it's nothing but insults for the ISP. I want my internet, I paid for it so there's no excuse not to have it, it's MINE!!!

Mar 26 (Evening) - Finally got call from the internet technician. Apparently the dead line is due to a mistake from a contractor. They hope to fix it tomorrow in the late morning. I'll have to wake up to test it. At least I don't have work that night. Speaking of work, last night I got some terrible news. Starting on April we'll work 6 days instead of 5. This sucks! I can't wait for the low season, but that's all the way in October. We're short on people everything from babies, to surgery, to the army piled up all at once. Since people will come back in a few months they don't want to hire anyone new, but they really should! When I was hired they were supposed to hire 4, but only hired 3. The temporary transfer went back to his primary station after the three of us came in. Then 1 of the new hires left and they hired 1 more, so we were technically short one person all along. I really need my internet to let out all my tension!

Mar 27 (Afternoon) - the #$%& phone is fixed but not the internet! This is #$%& frustrating, I want to hit something. It's decided, I'm switching service providers.

Mar 27 (Evening) - I'm getting up early tomorrow to go hunt for internet offers. I'm bored! I want my internet! I just finished Jeanne D'Arc, great game which is much more than I would usually say from tactics. I played a bit of Wild Arms XF but it doesn't really hold my attention for long so I played Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 4. I think I already beat all the Yusei event duels. I'm unlocking more event duels now.

Mar 28 (Afternoon) - I got a new service provider and I'm online! Only via Zim (PC) and I had to buy a new part for him. Reno (PSP) says my security is "not supported" I'll call customer service tomorrow and see how I can get him to connect. I'll be pissed if I can't connect him because I want to go on the PSN! I'm off to post and see what I've been missing out on.

Mar 28 (Evening) - I'm still catching up on stuff. I really want to check out the PSN. I haven't been there for a while but I cant connect, what's this "security not supported" business?! Oh wait... I hve internet, I can investigate online! It feels good having info at my finger tips again. It sucked having to keep my doubts and curiosities to myself for the past days... took a look around, but I'm feeling lazy, I'll just ask customer service tomorrow to do this for me over the phone. As for the connection itself, I can take it anywhere though I'm not really planning to move it. I had to buy a wireless adapter for Zim because I had been using an ethernet cable before. I get a measly 5GB a month so I'll have to hold back, but it's reliable and that's all I really looked at in my rush. As stated above I threw all expense concerns to the wind... At least I'll be getting my deposit back in 2 years (the duration of the contract) since there was a credit check for this and I've never been in debt so I had none. I'm hungry... gotta go get dinner, I'll post this later.

Mar 28 (Night) - Almost done catching up. After I'm done blogging I'll continue working on more fanworks to post tomorrow.


Mar 28 - Slayers Alive 82: Unpredictable! Impulses Of The Heart


Mar 28 - Plot Items (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Voice Stealer (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Dream Eater (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Jewel (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Kirei (Slayers)
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Feb 16, 5:05pm - My connection is on and off again. -.-

Feb 16, 6:31pm - Finished the first season of Zenki. I remember some of these episodes from years ago. I would watch them in the morning before school so I was half asleep and everything is bit blurry. Watching them again has felt mostly new, with a few scenes I recognize here and there.

Feb 17, 4:19pm - Lupapa is cute! I had forgotten the little bunny from Zenki and then I saw it and was like "Lupapa!!! :D"

Feb 17, 4:47pm - I found more similarities between Zenki and Inuyasha, I'll post a full list when I finish the series.

Feb 18, 4:49pm - Chibi Zenki's english voice improves a lot in the second season. XD I'm on episode 31 now. I'm on the Liane rescue mission on Jeanne D'Arc.

Feb 18, 4:54 - My internet connection is worse than yesterday. >:(

Feb 18, 10:37pm - Still having fun playing Jeanne D'Arc. Roger's was just revealed and a bunch of free stages were unlocked so I'll be running around the map exploring for a while. I might also go slay some dragons.


Feb 16 - Slayers Alive 60: Painful Grudges
Feb 17 - Slayers Alive 61: Breaking Barriers
Feb 19 - Slayers Alive 62: Showdown of Dragons and Magic


Feb 19 - Sakel and Faili doodles (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Leopard bandit (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Val's chewtoy (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Zelas' dragon cuisine book (Slayers)
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----- News -----

January 19 - This SOPA thing is becoming more viral than lol cats and that's saying plenty. In case anyone is curious, I don't join sites that request personal info, which means that I won't be giving out any, ever. If the (unlikely) rumors about Fanfiction Net, Deviant Art and other such sites being shut down or turned into spies ever (dreadfully) come true, then you'll be able to find me at http://piratesboard.net/mikari/ only since I have a nice non-spy host there (just a ninja pirate but that's another story). If the those sites don't get messed up, I'll still post on them of course.

January 20 - Yesterday leaving work I was going out of the parking lot into the road. I was thinking "go" but my foot was on the break in the middle of getting into my lain. Then a random car zooms by out of nowhere. O.o;; Needless to say I'm thankful that my foot didn't respond to my brain. Talk about little miracles to be grateful for.

I'm on episode 8 in Disgaea 2. I need to fight Axel, I decided to train a bit first. I find it more predictable than D1. Maybe I'm "used" to its style, but it took me longer to figure out who the red prinny and Midboss secretly were. I've had a theory about the masked servants and Rozalin's dreams for a long time now. At least the gameplay is easier, which is good since I'm not a fan of tactics, I'm in it for the cute characters and amusing story. Fom D1 Laharl and Flonne are my favs. From D2 I like Adell's design best, but he's too heroic and goody-goody. Axel's personality amuses me the most, but he's also a bit too goody-goody. I liked Flonne's geeky-goody-goody style and Laharl's selfishness, but I don't like fluffy or heroic good characters. Maybe because I'm only keep my promises to those I care for because I care, not because I promised, and I don't really bother with those I've "left behind" so I can't relate to them. Laharl's bratty ways reminds me of myself as a kid, though I masked as a Flonne most of the time until my true colors shone. Sure, I've changed over the years, but I can still relate to them and my kid-ish self slightly resurfaces now and then.

----- Updates -----


January 20 - To Live Another Day 37: Beating Hearts (Slayers)


January 20 - Zelas Metallium Alternate (Slayers)
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----- News -----

January 18 - Disgaea 2, I was actually cheering for the ridiculously over leveled Etna during the episode 3 fight. Yay for the D1 trio! I'm on episode 4 now. Axel is funny, he's like the Midboss of D2.

Have you heard about internet censoring? I saw it at Proboards and Dreamwidth. Someone at VDex also mentioned it. The internet needs to stay creative and free! Long live fanfics and fanart! Honestly, I didn't even read what that stuff was about, but it sounds ridiculous, I mean really, back off government, leave freedom of speech alone. I love US but I love the Internet a million times infinity more! If US internet gets ruined I'll make it my goal to become European or of whatever place still has good Internet. I saw that censorship thing on Wiki too. I keep getting redirected to pages about it. O.o;; It's all over the internet. There had been rumors about stuff like this before, but this time it's all over. Look at that, it's on Deviant Art too! Wait... these things are called SOPA and PIPA? Soup and pipe/belly in Spanish? Lol! Eat the soup to fill your belly? Soup makes you fat? Lol weird names. Anyway, those are still bad laws or proposed laws.

January 19 - I've been writting a lot lately. "Complications" (Mario) (which I sadly never got around to revise when I revised all my fics. Helped me learn to write better with Razzy's beta reading. I used 'said' too much before that and something the he and she if there were more than one came out unclear. Then after that I got some more practice with "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" (Summon Night), "Reborn" (Final Fantasy VII), "A Push in the Right Direction" (Nogami Neuro) and "Reintegration" (Final Fantasy VII). "Don't Give Me Diamonds" (Pokemon) was a real challenge where I learned more than I thought I could. Now it feels a lot easier to write long stories. My current project "To Live Another Day" (Slayers) is getting a lot of updates and its turning out to be a long story. It'll probably be over 50 chapters after all. :D

I'm on the battle tournament in Disgaea 2. I need to fight Axel next. I had to train a little, but I'm ready. We had some power failure today but now the electricity is stable again so I'm taking a break to write another chapter of my fic.

----- Updates -----


January 17 - To Live Another Day 34: Kindness Shall Be Rewarded (Slayers)
January 18 - To Live Another Day 35: Relatively Strange Relatives (Slayers)
January 19 - To Live Another Day 36: No Rest For The Wicked (Slayers)


January 17 - Sea Nails
January 17 - Galathia (Slayers)
January 17 - Chibi Onyx (Slayers)


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