Jan. 20th, 2012

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January 19 - This SOPA thing is becoming more viral than lol cats and that's saying plenty. In case anyone is curious, I don't join sites that request personal info, which means that I won't be giving out any, ever. If the (unlikely) rumors about Fanfiction Net, Deviant Art and other such sites being shut down or turned into spies ever (dreadfully) come true, then you'll be able to find me at http://piratesboard.net/mikari/ only since I have a nice non-spy host there (just a ninja pirate but that's another story). If the those sites don't get messed up, I'll still post on them of course.

January 20 - Yesterday leaving work I was going out of the parking lot into the road. I was thinking "go" but my foot was on the break in the middle of getting into my lain. Then a random car zooms by out of nowhere. O.o;; Needless to say I'm thankful that my foot didn't respond to my brain. Talk about little miracles to be grateful for.

I'm on episode 8 in Disgaea 2. I need to fight Axel, I decided to train a bit first. I find it more predictable than D1. Maybe I'm "used" to its style, but it took me longer to figure out who the red prinny and Midboss secretly were. I've had a theory about the masked servants and Rozalin's dreams for a long time now. At least the gameplay is easier, which is good since I'm not a fan of tactics, I'm in it for the cute characters and amusing story. Fom D1 Laharl and Flonne are my favs. From D2 I like Adell's design best, but he's too heroic and goody-goody. Axel's personality amuses me the most, but he's also a bit too goody-goody. I liked Flonne's geeky-goody-goody style and Laharl's selfishness, but I don't like fluffy or heroic good characters. Maybe because I'm only keep my promises to those I care for because I care, not because I promised, and I don't really bother with those I've "left behind" so I can't relate to them. Laharl's bratty ways reminds me of myself as a kid, though I masked as a Flonne most of the time until my true colors shone. Sure, I've changed over the years, but I can still relate to them and my kid-ish self slightly resurfaces now and then.

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January 20 - To Live Another Day 37: Beating Hearts (Slayers)


January 20 - Zelas Metallium Alternate (Slayers)


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