Jan. 19th, 2012

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----- News -----

January 18 - Disgaea 2, I was actually cheering for the ridiculously over leveled Etna during the episode 3 fight. Yay for the D1 trio! I'm on episode 4 now. Axel is funny, he's like the Midboss of D2.

Have you heard about internet censoring? I saw it at Proboards and Dreamwidth. Someone at VDex also mentioned it. The internet needs to stay creative and free! Long live fanfics and fanart! Honestly, I didn't even read what that stuff was about, but it sounds ridiculous, I mean really, back off government, leave freedom of speech alone. I love US but I love the Internet a million times infinity more! If US internet gets ruined I'll make it my goal to become European or of whatever place still has good Internet. I saw that censorship thing on Wiki too. I keep getting redirected to pages about it. O.o;; It's all over the internet. There had been rumors about stuff like this before, but this time it's all over. Look at that, it's on Deviant Art too! Wait... these things are called SOPA and PIPA? Soup and pipe/belly in Spanish? Lol! Eat the soup to fill your belly? Soup makes you fat? Lol weird names. Anyway, those are still bad laws or proposed laws.

January 19 - I've been writting a lot lately. "Complications" (Mario) (which I sadly never got around to revise when I revised all my fics. Helped me learn to write better with Razzy's beta reading. I used 'said' too much before that and something the he and she if there were more than one came out unclear. Then after that I got some more practice with "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" (Summon Night), "Reborn" (Final Fantasy VII), "A Push in the Right Direction" (Nogami Neuro) and "Reintegration" (Final Fantasy VII). "Don't Give Me Diamonds" (Pokemon) was a real challenge where I learned more than I thought I could. Now it feels a lot easier to write long stories. My current project "To Live Another Day" (Slayers) is getting a lot of updates and its turning out to be a long story. It'll probably be over 50 chapters after all. :D

I'm on the battle tournament in Disgaea 2. I need to fight Axel next. I had to train a little, but I'm ready. We had some power failure today but now the electricity is stable again so I'm taking a break to write another chapter of my fic.

----- Updates -----


January 17 - To Live Another Day 34: Kindness Shall Be Rewarded (Slayers)
January 18 - To Live Another Day 35: Relatively Strange Relatives (Slayers)
January 19 - To Live Another Day 36: No Rest For The Wicked (Slayers)


January 17 - Sea Nails
January 17 - Galathia (Slayers)
January 17 - Chibi Onyx (Slayers)


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