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Jun. 26th, 2012 11:17 pm
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June 25 - Still listening to Gone with the Wind. In its favor I can say it has many events. Unlike some novels that stretch out a few events, this one cannot be summarized properly in a few words, because a lot of stuff does happen. When I see stories where few things happen in comparison to the amount of words it takes for those things to happen I don't like it, they're too slow. Couldn't the author think of more events? More twists and turns? This one is amusing in that. Although I must say, that though Butler did amuse me in the beginning I ended up not liking him later and...

I'm going to talk spoilers now. It's not even his treatment of Scarlet or his dealings with Belle. I don't like him because he's so pathetically attached to Bonnie. It was sweet when he was with Wade because he showed affection for the child without going overboard. Bonnie is his own child, yes, but his change was too abrupt and it ruined his character. There's just something terribly unattractive about a man obsessed with his kid to the point of loving it more than his lover and leaving all adventures behind. I truly dislike fluffy family men and the charm of his "improper" character died... and he turned boring even if he had been ever so amusing a character before. Now he feels hypocritical, sheltering Bonnie and dealing with Belle. Then being with Belle and playing the victim for Scarlet at the end. She's far more loyal than him that's for sure. It was balanced before when he was brutally honest, it fit him much better. Scarlet is still a brat, even if she has become braver and stronger I'm glad she didn't change after all. I like bratty characters, they're ever so amusing in stories!

Later... finished listening... that "my dear" quote at the end... I've heard it before and didn't know where it was from... now I do. But for all it's eventfulness the ending was left hanging and inconclusive, which is a disappointment. I do like Scarlet's procrastination, but the inconclusiveness sucks. Oh well, I'd cheer for her because she's an amusing character.

June 26 - Afternoon... Played a bit of Gurumin last night. The story is simple and not at all interesting, but the gameplay itself is super fun! It's an action RPG with game play somewhat similar to Ratchet & Clank and such types of 3D platforming games. Basically, a girl named Parin, armed with a legendary drill, must go around a magical world rescuing monsters. Pretty simple, but pretty fun. I only just got started and I'm in the forest stage.

Night... Played a bit more Hakuoki and unlocked the last ending I was missing. I got them all! The Chizuru end, all the Shinsengumi boys and Kazama. I'm still missing some gallery pics and definitions, but I'm not going to get them. I just wanted the endings. I think I'll take off Hakuoki from my mem-stick to make room for others. I also played a little bit of Zenonia this afternoon. It's so cute and it was cheap since it's from the mini section.

I finished Hakuoki while I should have been chatting with everyone at Amassment, but my stupid parents had an argument and dragged me into playing adviser. Again mother says she's leaving, I hope she goes through with it this time because dad and I, logical creatures with no patience for emo outbursts, are sick of her. I do wish she's see a counselor but she thinks it's only for clinically insane people and going would be like saying everything she stands for it's wrong. I know counseling isn't like that, though not from personal experience, I know people who have gone. then she can rant to someone who actually gets paid to listen to her stupidity.

I think Hakuoki made me feel better now, I'll log in and see if there's anyone still chatting even if I'm like an hour late, or more if my interpretation of time zones is incorrect.

A few minutes later... people are still chatting! yay! :D I'm glad I didn't miss it. Though drama is still happening in the background, I can ignore it.

Fantasy Bit
June 25 - Added a new link.

Golden Phoenix
June 24 - New layout!
June 25 - Added iPod wallpapers and mouse cursors.

June 25 - Revolution 6: Heartbreak (X-Men: Evolution)

June 26 - Akito and Monique (TWTYH)


May. 28th, 2012 10:23 pm
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May 25 - I already named my PSP Reno and my cell Axel. So what should I call my iPod? Maybe Xellos... He's cute and all, black with a blue cover, but he doesn't respond to being stabbed. I have to touch him with my finger rather than my nails and that's uncomfortable. I'm still getting used to typing with my pinkie. I'll take him to work and play with him while I'm on break. I'm not even done setting him up yet, but that trip to the mall drained me so I'll do that later. Got some pretty earrings too, I really like earrings.

May 26 - Happy birthday Jess!

May 27 - Some annoying relatives were supposed to be coming over. They haven't arrived, I hope they don't come! My throat kind of hurts. :(

May 28 - Afternoon... My throat still hurts and I'm more light headed than yesterday... I think I'm going to call in sick today. I'm cold and can't think much... Night... Naturally, I started feeling better after night fell, the sun makes me sleepy and the dark makes me feel awake. Go figure, I mean, I sleep in a dark room even if it's day time. Anyway, I'm still light headed with cold medication and I'm constantly eating mints for my throat. I'm taking a sick day tonight and tomorrow I'm off so I should have time to recover. I heard some annoying relatives are coming over and want me to tag along to dinner. Maybe this cold is for the best, then I can say I can't go because I'm sick. Waiting for Fate/Extra to finish downloading from the PSN store then I'll go play.

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Finish the Fantasy Bit notes page.
- Finish Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Update Missions and Deliveries (Final Fantasy VII)
- Write new Mario fanfic, it will be lots of fun!
- Write X-Men: Evolution fic, main characters to be decided.
- Write Sailor Moon fic, sort of Molly-centric?
- Write Lufia II fanfic, Dekar-centric.
- Make a ton of pixels!

Way Cool
May 25 - A few small last minute tweaks here and there.

May 26 - Slayers Alive 124: Suspicious! For You To Find Out
May 26 - Loyalty 14: Links (Pokemon)
May 27 - Loyalty 15: Exorcism (Pokemon)
May 27 - Slayers Alive 125: Exposed! The Truth Must Be Faced
May 28 - Loyalty 16: Souls (Pokemon)
May 28 Slayers Days 14: No One Has to Know

May 25 - Chocolate Donut (photo)
May 25 - Airplane Wing (photo)
May 25 - Airplane Door (photo)
May 25 - Donuts (photo)
May 27 - Zerenitia Cursors and Icon (Regnoran)

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May 1 - Left work an hour and a half early so I could get some sleep since I had training to attend at 8:30am. I did finish working with the flight, but was allowed to skip the after flight office stuff. At least I got the training out of the way... until next year. We all need to take a yearly security training about procedures, safety tips symbol interpretation. Last year it was just for the airport facilities and this year it was that plus the runway. Never mind that I have no need to get a runway driver permit since I don't drive anything out there, but I still had to get the basics.

May 2 - Airport low season please come soon!

May 3 - I don't like how you have to enter the capcha at Fanfiction Net even if you're logging in for the first time that day. It only used to pop up if you mistyped something and had to try again, or logged off and logged back in soon after. Last night I stayed in the airport so I could get my ID pic taken and scan my finger prints. The flight was gone around 2am and the office opened at 5am. I hung around the cafeteria and talked to coworkers that where also staying late for various reasons. We talked about games and anime. Not all of them are into it, but a few are, so we swapped recommendations and talked about the kinds of games we like. By 4am they were all gone though so I stayed in the cafeteria had a chocolate donut with Pepsi for a super early breakfast and played Hakuoki until 5am. I could have gone home, but I knew all that I would do would be to play Hakuoki anyway, so I figured I should save myself the trip and just stay at the airport and play there.

I like the variety of bishounen in Hakuoki, though I'm not so great at remembering their names. I'm glad games like this are being translated, but I really wish they would record the voice acting in English too. I don't think I've read anything whole in my life, school texts, videogames, manga, subtitles, fanfiction I always skipped words out of impatience and my dislike for reading. Now I listen to fanfics whole because I have my computer reach to them me, so I just put on my headphones and click around the Internet while I listen. I even have Zim (my computer) read RP posts to me and help me proofread my own stories. I tend to look at words quickly and come up with what they are, so proof reading without audio wasn't very effective as I would often auto-correct it in my head and miss things that I easily catch in the audio. So yeah, I'm skipping around and really there's way too much text, but I have the general idea of things. I still haven't picked a favorite bishounen yet. As a random note I returned to backloggery, same profile as before

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Loyalty (Pokemon chaptered fic)
- Pokemon one shot (title pending)
- Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Revamp Fantasy Bit
- Revamp Surreptitious Summon Night fansite
- Revamp RED Reno (Final Fantasy VII) fansite
- Write hero's journey for Layla (rewatch Kaleido Star)
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Write and post as of yet untitled Dekar-centric Estpolis fanfic
- Make a ton of pixels!

May 1 - Slayers: Days 5: No Sense of Occasion
May 1 - Slayers: Alive 110: Information! Theories and Alternatives
May 2 - Slayers: Days 6: Moonlight
May 2 - Slayers: Alive 111: Survive! Hope Is Hard To Kill
May 3 - Slayers: Days 7: Wolves and Their Prey
May 3 - Slayers: Alive 112: Thoughts! That Which Links Us All
May 4 - Slayers: Alive 113: Tainted! The Nameless Beast

April 30 - Ureksa Cursors (Summon Night)
April 30 - Airplane (photo)
April 30 - Fries (photo)
April 30 - Popcorn (photo)
April 30 - Popcorn Tile BG (photo)
April 30 - Fries Tile BG (photo)
April 30 - Hair Tile BG (photo)
April 30 - Mysterious Envelope (photo)
April 30 - Blue Nails (photo)
April 30 - My Hair (photo)
May 3 - Swirling colors (background)
May 3 - Dekar Cursors and Icons (Lufia)
May 4 - Zelgadis Cursors and Icons (Slayers)
May 4 - Dekar Favicons (Lufia)
May 4 - Zelgadis Favicons (Slayers)
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----- News -----

January 12 - Playing Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. The game play seems friendlier than 1, though I liked the characters from 1 better. The slow strategy style is still not my thing and I wish this was a real RPG. I got stuck on episode 2, I still to level up my kamikaze, I mean, my characters. I'm trying to collect at least 50 mana to make some extra characters.

January 15 - I taught all my Disgaea 2 mains to heal. I'm using Adell, Rozalin, Filia (healer), Gourry (male fighter), Lina (red skull, I know they're supposed to be boys but they look like girls with the pigtail hoods), Mikari (blue mage). I'm teaching my magic users to cast all the different elements available. I haven't unlocked much yet. I'll probably make one more character or wait for the another human to join (they can throw so that helps). I won't bother making ten characters to level (is ten the limit in this game too?) I do better with fewer better leveled characters. I'm on episode 3 so far. Adell and Axel are my favorites. I still like the story of Disgaea 1 better.

----- Updates -----


January 14 - To Live Another Day 31: Victory and Defeat (Slayers)
January 15 - To Live Another Day 32: Bandits, Dragons and Revenge (Slayers)
January 16 - To Live Another Day 33: Being Human Is Not Easy (Slayers)


January 12 - Dragon Ball bullet (pixel)
January 12 - Random Devices Icons (Sailor Moon, Zelgadis, Neuro, Seto, Sanzo)
January 12 - Purple and Green (Nails)
January 12 - Lina's Candy (Slayers)
January 14 - Chibi Zelas (Slayers)
January 15 - Chibi Gourry (Slayers)
January 16 - Chibi Zelgadis (Slayers)
January 16 - Sword (Slayers)
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----- News -----

January 11 - I got my hair cut, it was driving me crazy before. Now I'm so light... It reminds me of Chibi Goku tripping when his tail got cut off. My ponytail of hair was mostly cut off and I'm lacking balance too. I need to get used to it. My hair is thick and abundant so it gets heavy when it's long. As it slowly grows I don't notice as much, but having a good 4 inches cut off makes it obvious. Right now it's very Xellos, like novel Xellos with the black hair. XD I also got some new games! I still haven't finished Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 4, I'll get back to that. The new ones are: Wild Arms XF, Jeanne d'Arc, Knight in the Nightmare and Chrono Cross. I got them with PSN prepaid cards so I'm still downloading them. The only UMD I got was Disgaea 2. My hair is so soft that my headphones keep slipping off my head. Even so, I like it like this, the light waves are gone. I might just muster the patience to get rid of them myself after the time comes to wash it again... maybe.

January 10 - Watching the Namek saga of Dragon Ball Kai. It's so summarized. O.o;; What happening to all those stops before getting to Namek, Goku's technical difficulties in space and Bulma's submarine battle? I don't miss the fake Namek detour but the space storm and the submarine battle were fun!

----- Updates -----


January 6 - To Live Another Day 28: Expect the Unexpected (Slayers)
January 7 - To Live Another Day 29: Jumping To Conclusions (Slayers)
January 11 - To Live Another Day 30: In Love And War (Slayers)


January 6 - Black and Red (Nails)
January 7 - Green Alchemist Hideout (Slayers)
January 7 - Celo (Slayers)
January 7 - Fang (Slayers)
January 8 - Fili (Slayers)
January 8 - Tifanny (Slayers)
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----- News -----

December 27 - Like I said in Amassment Am I the only one who likes the new LJ comments? Sure the subjects were nice, but editing is available without a paid account and the comment screen looks nicer. Overall I find that it has more pros than cons. Regardless I'm making a Dreamwidth anyway because hey they're free and I can use it to keep track of only certain posts and keep the ramblings on LJ as they already are. So I'm filling up the profile and it asks for my gender, the options being "Male", "Female", "Other" and "Rather not Say". The "not say" thing, it's understandable if for whatever reason someone wants to hide their gender, but "other?" Without getting into the variety of orientations that there are in the world, as far as I know, there are only two genders. It made me laugh about how "politically correct" they're trying to be. XD Here's my DW url:

December 28 - Before I forget to post the link XD Rate me at Gaia Online I changed Fantasy Bit's layout, a new layout for the New Year. XD I'm still playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. I got a decent deck now and unlocked Leo's first event. I'm also trying to get the Yusei and Jack events... and everyone else. XD There are many cards to collect in this game. O.o;;

----- Updates -----

Fantasy Bit:

December 28 - New layout: Lightning from Dissidia 012.


December 28 - To Live Another Day 25: Ye Who Ask For Ruin (Slayers)


December 26 - Blue and Green Gold (Nails)
December 26 - Another Xellos? (Slayers)
December 26 - Chibi Filia (Slayers)
December 27 - Little Minion (Slayers)
December 27 - Xellos Banner (Slayers)
December 28 - Lina Background (Slayers)
December 28 - Dream Width (Slayers)
December 28 - Lightning Layout (Dissidia 012)


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