Jan. 12th, 2012

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----- News -----

January 11 - I got my hair cut, it was driving me crazy before. Now I'm so light... It reminds me of Chibi Goku tripping when his tail got cut off. My ponytail of hair was mostly cut off and I'm lacking balance too. I need to get used to it. My hair is thick and abundant so it gets heavy when it's long. As it slowly grows I don't notice as much, but having a good 4 inches cut off makes it obvious. Right now it's very Xellos, like novel Xellos with the black hair. XD I also got some new games! I still haven't finished Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 4, I'll get back to that. The new ones are: Wild Arms XF, Jeanne d'Arc, Knight in the Nightmare and Chrono Cross. I got them with PSN prepaid cards so I'm still downloading them. The only UMD I got was Disgaea 2. My hair is so soft that my headphones keep slipping off my head. Even so, I like it like this, the light waves are gone. I might just muster the patience to get rid of them myself after the time comes to wash it again... maybe.

January 10 - Watching the Namek saga of Dragon Ball Kai. It's so summarized. O.o;; What happening to all those stops before getting to Namek, Goku's technical difficulties in space and Bulma's submarine battle? I don't miss the fake Namek detour but the space storm and the submarine battle were fun!

----- Updates -----


January 6 - To Live Another Day 28: Expect the Unexpected (Slayers)
January 7 - To Live Another Day 29: Jumping To Conclusions (Slayers)
January 11 - To Live Another Day 30: In Love And War (Slayers)


January 6 - Black and Red (Nails)
January 7 - Green Alchemist Hideout (Slayers)
January 7 - Celo (Slayers)
January 7 - Fang (Slayers)
January 8 - Fili (Slayers)
January 8 - Tifanny (Slayers)


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