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Feb. 13th, 2012 11:02 pm
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----- News -----

February 12, 7:47pm - That old Fanfiction Net poll has been there since forever and I keep forgetting to changing. That's why I'm blogging this as a reminder to myself. Unfortunately I can't do that now because the site's log in is down again. It's happened twice already recently (that I know of). What's up with that? Here I was ready to celebrate that my Slayers fanfic "Slayers Alive" is close to reaching 200,000 words.

February 13, 4:19pm - Started rewatching Zenki. This is an old anime, but it's fun. Looked up some info on Jeannie. Man is that show ever old. I watched it as a toddler, but I didn't realize it was made over 20 years before I was born. I knew it was old but I thought it was 80s, it's actually older than that. O.o;;

February 13, 10:36pm - Watching Zenki before work. ^^

----- Updates -----


February 13 - Solex and Xellos (Slayers)
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- The main girl who is a student.

- The main girl has black hair.

- The main girl wears short skirts.

- The main girl is from a shrine keeper family.

- The main guy has been been sealed for many years.

- The main guy has special powers.

- The main guy has a stubborn and prideful personality.

- The main guy doesn't like admitting he cares for his companions.

- The main guy has a big appetite.

- The main guy has an 'alternate form.'

- The main guy has trouble understanding the ways of the modern world.

- The main girl uses a magical item to control the main guy.

- The main girl and main guy argue often.

- There's an old lady who guides the main girl.

- The old lady wears priestess robes.

- There's magic and mythical legends.

- The main group goes around hunting for a large, but not infinite amount of small magic items.


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