Jan. 29th, 2012

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January 29 - I really am happy with the fact that I have a good job. It's not about money, the money really isn't great, it is rather low paying, but I don't care. It's been almost a year (in March) and I'm as energetic as ever. With my past box farm job I last about 6 months and I was dying. I didn't even bother with simple politeness such as giving a greeting when I got to the office because it simply wasn't worth it. I didn't make a single friends, they were all lame workaholics. In this job there's an actual daily goal to be met and once it's finished, it's finished, see you tomorrow. In the past job we had a schedule and it didn't matter if I did 5 things or ten because I had to wait for it anyway. Not very motivating.

Okay, so now that the moment of gratitude and "yay" is done, on to some more random peculiarities of this job. Aside from the opportunity to see some occasional eye candy, we do supernatural research and bible studies. They might as well build a church and a sci-fi laboratory behind the office, they could probably use some of the space of the cargo hold.

Confession time... the flight process is just a cover up, we're actually paranormal researchers! A few days ago we were poking around the internet for HAARP conspiracy theories and supernatural explanations for the odd clouds that have been seen in some parts of the world. There were also stories about how the airport is haunted, which I'll elaborate on in the next post of Random Events at the Airport.

We also occasionally watch videos. Recently they showed these videos at the office. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSwCOs-uXzU and this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-7W36ln7sg my question is... what flavor pie is that? It looks so odd! XD No one could identify it at work. Does anyone know?

PS: Researchers have discovered that there's a weather control conspiracy in the works for the development on a bio weapon. The government wants to take over the internet for espionage purposes linked to the installation of microchips on human beings disguised as integrated credit cards. Those who disobey will be struck by lightning... It's true, true! I was there for the research, it's all based on completely serious factual internet rumors! :o

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January 29 - To Live Another Day 46: No One Is Immune (Slayers)


January 29 - Angry Reaper (Slayers)


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