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April 17 - Since I'm writing ahead, I'm close to reaching the final chapters of my Slayers story. So close, I feel accomplished. Just a little more, then some revisions and this long story will be done! The layouts for the fansite are already done, I just need to set up the fanart and the other pages aside from the fanfic. Aunt Mari came for a short visit today. She and aunt Cindy are my two cool aunts, some of the few members of my family that I actually get along with, though Mari isn't related to me by blood, it doesn't matter. It's not as cold today as in the last few days. Reno (PSP 3000)'s charger is officially dead. No amount of twisting the cable will make it work anymore. Fortunately I have a USB MiniB cable I can use to charge him.

April 18 - Almost done with my Slayers story, writing it, not posting it. It will have over 100 chapters. I'll post the chapter title list as soon as I'm done with the revisions. I'm revising chapter 11 now, just finished. I'll do two revisions from 100-150 and an extra third revision of 140-150 because those are the newest that I haven't revised as many times yet. I revised by listening to the stories, so I'll have time to color fanarts while I do. Then after this is done I have a requested Slayers story to write, then the Pokemon story to revise twice. Web design revamps go next and finally a new story... possibly Estpolis, Dekar-centric, of course. I already have an idea for it... The main theme will be adventure.

April 19 - I'm at work right now. I was prepared for boredom, but this is super easy. There's a TV, there's unblocked internet. Yay! I'm glad I came after all. I have another email that I use to log in from outside connections so as to not risk my "real" email, I'm sending all this to myself using it. Anyway I was going to rant, but cancel that, I'm comfy getting paid to write a fic and watch a movie. All I need to do is write the names & ID numbers of everyone who goes out to the runway, press the button to open the door and pick up the phone, but all of that is quiet most of the time and sometimes a whole hour goes by and I don't need to do anything. :D

April 20 - Congratulations Snow! http://amassment.livejournal.com/155971.html It makes me so happy when a site I nominated wins. ^_^ Congratulations on graduating too! Lots of happy things happy things happening, yes? May there be many more!

April 15 - Slayers Alive 97: Crafty! The Trickster of Tricksters
April 17 - Slayers Alive 98: Return! The Final Countdown
April 18 - Slayers Alive 99: Surprise! I'm On The Guest List
April 18 - Slayers Alive 100: Acceptance! Reconciling With The Past

April 15 - Saramina 2 (Slayers)
April 18 - Xellos WTF (Slayers)
April 18 - Kirei Ivory (Slayers)
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April 12 - Put up the 9th airport story post. Working on fandom, feeling optimistic.

April 13 - Happy Friday 13th! Humor says work will have uniforms soon. :( If we get them I'll make sure to wear more shiny bling than a Christmas tree because I hate uniforms so I'll make it less boring with long shiny earrings, hair clips and bracelets.

April 14 - Posted the 9th part of the airport random events.

April 11 - Slayers Alive 94: Contrast! A Bad And Good Day For Justice
April 12 - Slayers Alive 95: Tricky! The Queen Of Masterminds
April 14 - Slayers Alive 96: Ferocious! The Cunning Wolf's Den

April 11 - Black and Fuchsia (nails)
April 13 - Master of Disguise (Slayers)
April 13 - Crossplay (Slayers)
April 13 - Meowth and Faith (Pokemon)
April 14 - Chibi Torrin (Slayers Fanfanart)
April 14 - Chibi Akito (TWTYH)
April 14 - Triangle (TWTYH)


Apr. 8th, 2012 03:49 pm
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Happy Easter everyone!

Happy birthday Julie!

April 4 - Slayers Alive 87: Forward! Moving Step By Step
April 5 - Slayers Alive 88: Clues! Discovering Enigmas
April 5 - Endless: Dark Light (Pokemon)
April 6 - Slayers Alive 89: Puzzle! Answers Lead To Questions
April 7 - Slayers Alive 90: Breakup! Hurt The One You Love
April 8 - Slayers Alive 91: Haste! Fools Rush In

April 4 - Blue and Yellow 2 (photo)
April 4 - Manicure Snapshots (photo)
April 5 - Kair and Lance (Pokemon)
April 6 - Mean Streak (Pokemon)
April 6 - Sleepy Val (Slayers)
April 7 - Chibi Milgazia (Slayers)
April 8 - Easter in Seyruun (Slayers)

Easter Eggs

Apr. 3rd, 2012 06:44 pm
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Mar 31 - It sucks that my cheap texts only work in the US. D: Texts outside the US are expensive.

April 1 - Happy April fool's day!

April 3 - I'm off to hunt for Easter Togepi at VDex. ^_^

Mar 31 - Slayers Alive 84: Poison! Prepare For Trouble
April 1 - Slayers: Alive 85: Antidote! A Classic Fairytale Legend
April 2 - Slayers: Alive 86: Annoying! Tricky Treasure Guards

Mar 31 - Slayers: Freedom 10
April 1 - Strange Tea Leaf (Slayers)
April 1 - Val's Yoyo digital ink (Slayers)
April 1 - Val's Yoyo digtal colors (Slayers)
April 1 - Too Close digital lines (Slayers)
April 1 - Too Close colored (Slayers)
April 2 - Slayers Doodles
April 2 - Icecream Xellos (Slayers)
April 2 - Arrow Gourry (Slayers)
April 2 - Bow Filia (Slayers)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace Colored (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace Icons (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace Stamp (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Blue and Purple Background
April 2 - Blue and Purple Shiny Background
April 3 - Cat Xellos (Slayers)
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Real life conversations:

March 26 - Evening

Mom: "Is the flight leaving normally today or are you staying at work late? Can I see that map you look at with the little airplane?"

Me: (cranky) "I don't have internet!"

March 27 - Afternoon

Mom: "Could you check the lottery numbers?"

Me: (crankier) "I don't have internet! And you never win anything anyway!"

FYI mother, my computer is not cable of magically producing information without an internet connection.

March 29 - Afternoon

Dad: "How's the new internet?"

Me: "Good."

Dad: "Does it have different things as the old one?"

Me: "...It's the same internet, just a new connection."

Dad: "Are you used to it yet?"

Me: "...yes"

FYI father... I don't even know what to say.

At least dad seems to have a (very) vague idea of what the internet is. Mother thinks the whole net is magically inside my computer... all of it. Seriously, who has a HD that big?!


Mar 29 (Night) - Reno's charger is dead. If I twist it around it charges, but it's not enough. I couldn't finish downloading from the PSN because his battery died even if the cable was plugged. I need a new charger... Or maybe a new PSP... but I need to save the money first because my wifi was expensive. D:

Mar 30 (Afternoon) - Yesterday Reno's battery failed when my game was at 90% from the PSN. The data was corrupted and I wasted 500MB of internet that I'll still need to pay for. Man this "pay for quality" approach I took with my connection will take some getting used to. It wasn't the internet's fault though, it was Reno's charger failure. If I twist the cable around enough it starts to charge...

Mar 30 - Slayers Alive 83: Official! Smoothing Out The Technicalities

Mar 30 - Feathers (gimp brush)

I'm back!

Mar. 28th, 2012 09:45 pm
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Mar 23 - The phone line is down and so is the DSL. They say it should be fixed by the 27th. That's too far away!!!

Mar 26 (Afternoon) - The lack of internet is eating my sanity. I'm so #$%& mad today! It's taking a huge effort not to kick every living creature that crosses my path. I borrowed a work comp yesterday, no logging in, just looking. Left some annon comments. Everything looked so fun, all those new posts. I want to join in too! I want my net! They said it would be fixed by tomorrow, though I was really hoping for today. If they don't get this fixed tomorrow I'll snap! Screw prices, screw everything, I'm getting some wireless service contract even if I have to use a new cell as a router and it's ridiculously expensive. I want my internet and I'll do anything in my power to get it. My thoughts would make a sailor blush right now, I'm so angry it's nothing but insults for the ISP. I want my internet, I paid for it so there's no excuse not to have it, it's MINE!!!

Mar 26 (Evening) - Finally got call from the internet technician. Apparently the dead line is due to a mistake from a contractor. They hope to fix it tomorrow in the late morning. I'll have to wake up to test it. At least I don't have work that night. Speaking of work, last night I got some terrible news. Starting on April we'll work 6 days instead of 5. This sucks! I can't wait for the low season, but that's all the way in October. We're short on people everything from babies, to surgery, to the army piled up all at once. Since people will come back in a few months they don't want to hire anyone new, but they really should! When I was hired they were supposed to hire 4, but only hired 3. The temporary transfer went back to his primary station after the three of us came in. Then 1 of the new hires left and they hired 1 more, so we were technically short one person all along. I really need my internet to let out all my tension!

Mar 27 (Afternoon) - the #$%& phone is fixed but not the internet! This is #$%& frustrating, I want to hit something. It's decided, I'm switching service providers.

Mar 27 (Evening) - I'm getting up early tomorrow to go hunt for internet offers. I'm bored! I want my internet! I just finished Jeanne D'Arc, great game which is much more than I would usually say from tactics. I played a bit of Wild Arms XF but it doesn't really hold my attention for long so I played Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 4. I think I already beat all the Yusei event duels. I'm unlocking more event duels now.

Mar 28 (Afternoon) - I got a new service provider and I'm online! Only via Zim (PC) and I had to buy a new part for him. Reno (PSP) says my security is "not supported" I'll call customer service tomorrow and see how I can get him to connect. I'll be pissed if I can't connect him because I want to go on the PSN! I'm off to post and see what I've been missing out on.

Mar 28 (Evening) - I'm still catching up on stuff. I really want to check out the PSN. I haven't been there for a while but I cant connect, what's this "security not supported" business?! Oh wait... I hve internet, I can investigate online! It feels good having info at my finger tips again. It sucked having to keep my doubts and curiosities to myself for the past days... took a look around, but I'm feeling lazy, I'll just ask customer service tomorrow to do this for me over the phone. As for the connection itself, I can take it anywhere though I'm not really planning to move it. I had to buy a wireless adapter for Zim because I had been using an ethernet cable before. I get a measly 5GB a month so I'll have to hold back, but it's reliable and that's all I really looked at in my rush. As stated above I threw all expense concerns to the wind... At least I'll be getting my deposit back in 2 years (the duration of the contract) since there was a credit check for this and I've never been in debt so I had none. I'm hungry... gotta go get dinner, I'll post this later.

Mar 28 (Night) - Almost done catching up. After I'm done blogging I'll continue working on more fanworks to post tomorrow.


Mar 28 - Slayers Alive 82: Unpredictable! Impulses Of The Heart


Mar 28 - Plot Items (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Voice Stealer (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Dream Eater (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Jewel (Slayers)
Mar 28 - Kirei (Slayers)
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Mar 18 - I've been so busy working on my Slayers fanfic that I haven't even finished Jeanne D'Arc. Last month I was going through all the stages in case I missed something and for training. I think they're ready, though I want to finish going around the map. I'll do that as soon as I'm done with my fics, since that's what's calling me the most right now. XD I still have Wild Arms XF to play.

Mar 19 - I feel accomplished. XD I learned how to properly use php email forms that don't depend on an email program from the computer or on an email form service. It's all done by the server side includes. It feels like I'm Snow's classmate because I'm learning stuff too.

Mar 20 - I really need to organize my notes page on Fantasy Bit. It's getting so long I might make it in it's own page along with the mini games. That would make things organized. I'll work on that later, after I'm done with the Slayers fanfic. I also want to redo one of the skins for that site.

Mar 21 - Yesterday I watched Dragon Ball Z. I had watched Kai before but it only goes to the Cell saga. I'm watching the rest of the episodes from Z. I've watched this series many times already, but it's always fun. I just watched the fight between Trunks and Goten. Chibi Trunks and Goten are adorable! They're disguised as Mighty Mask now.

Mar 22 - The "weekend" went by fast, but it was very productive. ^_^

Fantasy Bit
Mar 20 - Added a contact form for emails.
Mar 22 - Joined another web-clique.

Mar 15 - Slayers Alive 78: Vengeful! The Dragon Slayers' Secret
Mar 17 - Slayers Alive 79: Thankful! Little Miracles
Mar 19 - Slayers Alive 80: Rebirth! The Light Of New Hope
Mar 21 - Slayers Alive 81: Dramatic! Building Up Tensions

Mar 14 - Slayers: Freedom 7
Mar 14 - Slayers: Freedom 8
Mar 15 - Slayers: Freedom 9
Mar 15 - Clouds Background
Mar 17 - Wolf Key (Slayers)
Mar 17 - Milgazia is not amused (Slayers)
Mar 17 - Little Val (Slayers)
Mar 18 - Broken (Slayers)
Mar 18 - Val's yoyo (Slayers)
Mar 18 - Filia's Icecream (Slayers)
Mar 19 - Zelas' Brass Racket (Slayers)
Mar 19 - Milgazia and Justice (Slayers)
Mar 20 - Nothing Nails (photo)
Mar 20 - Monster (Slayers)
Mar 20 - WTF?! (Slayers)
Mar 21 - Email Form (Slayers)
Mar 22 - Dalmatian Nails


Mar. 14th, 2012 05:51 pm
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Mar 7 - Took my lab tests to the doc... I am miraculously healthy! :o My blood level was indeed a bit low, but it was minimal, I got some vitamins to fix it and everything else is good. I thought I would be worse off than that, given how I don't eat healthy, but I'm blessed with good health, I can only call it a miracle and be thankful. XD

Mar 8 - Today is women's day, I didn't remember until I got a happy women's day text. Then the Google title banner made sense. XD So yeah, cheers to all the girls reading this. :)

Mar 13 - I decided that I'm going to merge the two Slayers stories after all so I'll put up the plot lines I had planned for the sequel as part of the current story. I will also post another story which will be a collection of one shots where I'll take requests. My upcoming Pokemon story will be opened as a round robin so that will be fun. It was supposed to be a surprise, but yeah... I couldn't resist. Most of the first chapter is actually written, I just need to revise it. At some point in the future I'll also do a final revision of Diamonds and insert that little flash back scene with Comet I had been meaning to put somewhere. Back to the topic of Slayers fanfiction I need to rearrange the chapters of the story to insert certain plot lines in the middle because I don't want to put them after the big boss fight as they would seem anti-climatic by comparison, I'm going over everything to ensure a smooth transition. So yeah... the crazy humor saga with brass rackets will be the last "season" of the story before the dramatic finale! I'm still working on those revisions so it'll be a while, but I'll get there. I also need to read up the Epic Hero info for my other web-design plans. 2012 is being productive!

Mar 14 - That job application that I change my mind about every single day... I got a reply. I don't know how to feel about it. I guess that's because I don't have the slightest idea what it's really like. I fear being burned out with work if I pass and take it, but at the same time it's a great opportunity... just not now. I'm good now, I'll need this eventually, but not this year. Yet leaving it for later could mean forever losing it. I should have just waited to apply when I was sure, but alas I did it on a whim and too many people are more than willing to help me. I don't know if I should say life is handing me a treasure on a silver platter or ruin in the same way. I don't know if I would like it (if I pass and that's a big if) or if I can even get to the interview (I need to get there on an airplane so yeah it's that far). Meh... I just don't know, it's where the money and independence is, but I'm so comfy being a lazy brat at my parents' house I'm not even sure I want it.

Fantasy Bit
Mar 14 - Small update to the profile page.

Mar 14 - Cleaned up the links and made a small info update.

Mar 14 - Cleaned up the links an made some grammar corrections.

Mar 7 - Slayers Alive 72: An Unlikely Alliance
Mar 8 - Slayers Alive 73: Size Matters
Mar 9 - Slayers Alive 74: Among Friends
Mar 11 - Slayers Alive 75: Unfinished Business
Mar 12 - Slayers Alive 76: Extras! More Side Quests
Mar 14 - Slayers Alive 77: Random! Unforeseen Events

Mar 6 - Slayers: Freedom
Mar 9 - Deep Sea Dolphin (Slayers)
Mar 9 - Slayers: Freedom 2
Mar 10 - Galathia 2 (Slayers)
Mar 10 - Slayers: Freedom 3
Mar 11 - Xellos and Filia chibis (Slayers)
Mar 11 - Saramina (Slayers)
Mar 11 - Solex and Val (Slayers)
Mar 11 - Beautiful Blue (nails)
Mar 12 - Slayers: Freedom 4
Mar 13 - Fly! (Slayers)
Mar 13 - Slayers: Freedom 5
Mar 14 - Slayers: Freedom 6

Snack Pics

Mar. 3rd, 2012 06:20 pm
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Mar 1 - One of my PSP's batteries died, it won't take any charge. Now I only have one.
Mar 2 - Happy birthday Snow!
Mar 3 - We had a mini-party at work yesterday, snacks pics at Deviant Art!
Mar 5 - Voting starts on Gaia http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gaia/original-avatar/vote/?entry_id=102660771

Feb 27 - Added an extra page with some Reno info and stuff.

Black Ring
Feb 28 - Added the summaries for manga volumes 7 to 9.
Feb 29 - Added the summaries for manga volumes 10 to 13.

Feb 28 - Slayers Alive 66: A Troublesome Game of Fetch
Feb 29 - Slayers Alive 67: It's All About Attitude
Mar 1 - Slayers Alive 68: Treasure Hunting Detour
Mar 2 - Slayers Alive 69: Disarranged Puzzle Pieces

Feb 28 - Banners and Icons (various)
Feb 28 - Reno page (Final Fantasy VII)
Mar 1 - Tiger Nails (manicure)
Mar 3 - Stars (photo)
Mar 3 - Food Table (photo)
Mar 3 - Snacks (photo)
Mar 3 - Dip (photo)
Mar 3 - Sandwich (photo)
Mar 3 - Cookies (photo)
Mar 3 - Cake (photo)
Mar 3 - My Cookie (photo)


Feb. 27th, 2012 12:55 am
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Finished watching all 51 episodes of Zenki in English. It looks like the OVA Zenki Gaiden wasn't dubbed. It's just one episode so I survived watching it subbed. There are no seeds in it, he style is a more serious exorcism kind of story. It was good, except for he unnecessary bath-service (though I wouldn't complain if it had been grown up Zenki instead of Chiaki and the girls.) I missed the humor from the series, but I liked that it wasn't all about the evil seeds this time. Chiaki looks older. She says she's 17, was she 15 in the series? I don't remember if they ever said it. She didn't do her poses for spell-casting and she had her bracelet, didn't that break? Though its silhouette did appear at the end so maybe another one was formed. Zenki is also quieter and sneakier in this. He actually sneak around and quietly follows Chiaki, hiding in the shadows rather than being stuffed into her luggage like in the series. In short, Zenki got cooler. The fight scene was much better too and had more blood effects.

Chiaki's outfit is slightly different, the skirt seems inconvenient, like she should have kept the old one, but the top looks better. Really only Zelas (from Slayers) could go to battle in a skirt like that and show only exactly what she wants to, but that's just because the dress is also made of her energy). Going back to Chiaki, the sleeves are still huge, but she has to keep her paper charms somewhere I guess. The story was short and predictable, but it was still good seeing this more serious side to Zenki and Chiaki and catching a glimpse at their future career as exorcists after the whole box of seeds thing was solved. Good to see Zenki wasn't sealed after all, though it looks like Goki doesn't follow Chiaki around as much, but he has his human alternate life to live, while Zenki is completely a guardian spirit. (I think he's an oni in the Japanese version though.) None the less Chiaki is able to transform zenki to his ultimate form without doing the star sign and without assistance from Goki. It is said that she would surpass Ozzuno... Lupapa wasn't there, I'm guessing he/she/it stayed home. There's no golden axe either... but Zenki's got new powers. I supposed that to avoid time paradoxes the dragon had to return to its slumber eventually, it can time travel so as long as it eventually goes back it's okay.

I finally ge to role play Eonix at Regnoran http://www.regnoran.proboards.com She's a loud mouth, explosive wielding, obsessive brat with as much regard for danger as a kamikaze. She's got Fuzen's temper, but she actually has a brain and that's an dangerous combination. Thank Kee she's only a medium Zarkavian, though she is very close to large, if she had been a real large... Just imagine a female Fuzen with the ability to think stomping around, that would be dangerous.

I went through my old files and did a clean up. I have a ton of old stuff to post at Deviant Art. O.o;;

Fantasy Bit:

Feb 26 - Cleaned out the broken links and updated the profile page.

Black Ring:

Feb 26 - Put up a new layout and cleaned out the broken links.


Feb 26 - Slayers Alive 65: Hostages and Bargaining Chips (Slayers)


Feb 25 - Rocket Member Card (Pokemon)
Feb 25 - Prism final evolution (Pokemon)
Feb 25 - Black Ring Chika (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Golden Phoenix WIP (Kaleido Star)
Feb 26 - Jade Shadow (Summon Night)
Feb 26 - Virtual Seto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Feb 26 - Fantasy Bit (Phantasy Star)
Feb 26 - Black Ring Layouts (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Blue Moon Bekko (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Old Banners (Saiyuki, Zombie Loan, Swat Kats, Jigoku Shoujo)
Feb 26 - Sanzo Banner (Saiyuki)
Feb 26 - Reno Banner (Final Fantasy VII)
Feb 26 - Mello Banner (Death Note)
Feb 26 - Konzen Banner (Saiyuki Gaiden)
Feb 26 - Magus Moon Banner (Chrono Trigger)
Feb 26 - L Poem Banner (Death Note)
Feb 26 - Kirby Frame (Kirby)
Feb 26 - Ureksa Frame (Summon Night)
Feb 26 - Peach Castle Frame (Mario)
Feb 26 - Icons and Sigs (Mario, Lufia, Sailor Moon, Toradora, Mana Khemia, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Saiyuki, Final Fantasy VII)
Feb 26 - Universal Serial Bus (photo)
Feb 26 - Universal Serial Bus (base)
Feb 26 - Falling Petals (Background)


Feb. 24th, 2012 05:32 pm
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For the full details of my flu of doom experience go to LJ, I didn't feel like spreading the negative blogging all over. Anyway, I'm feeling much better today.

I'm on episode 48 of Zenki.

Many thanks to Matt for exchanging texts with me last night. :D We texted for like an hour. Cherri I got your message, I actually saw it hours after it was sent when I woke up. I'm in a future timezone and you still get up before me. XD

I saw this meme http://rinoaebastel.deviantart.com/art/50-chars-meme-286920316 and realized I already have the answers to mine here http://piratesboard.net/mikari/profile.php more than 50 actually. XD They're not in order.


Feb 24 - Slayers Alive 64: Garden of Evil (Slayers)
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I need to level up in Jeanne D'Arc before I can beat the last boss. Why does the frog still fight if the human soul has returned to its original body? Shouldn't the human join the group instead? I'll probably play Wild Arms XF after I finish Jeanne D'Arc.

I had an odd dream where Xellos kept poking me with his staff saying "get up, the queen wants you on the battle field, your dragon is waiting." I'm guessing that the queen was Zelas. But the dragons and monsters are supposed to be enemies, so if I worked for Zelas, why did I have a dragon partner?


Feb 23 - Slayers Alive 63: What Happens, Happened (Slayers)


Feb 20 - I hate flowers (Slayers)
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Feb 16, 5:05pm - My connection is on and off again. -.-

Feb 16, 6:31pm - Finished the first season of Zenki. I remember some of these episodes from years ago. I would watch them in the morning before school so I was half asleep and everything is bit blurry. Watching them again has felt mostly new, with a few scenes I recognize here and there.

Feb 17, 4:19pm - Lupapa is cute! I had forgotten the little bunny from Zenki and then I saw it and was like "Lupapa!!! :D"

Feb 17, 4:47pm - I found more similarities between Zenki and Inuyasha, I'll post a full list when I finish the series.

Feb 18, 4:49pm - Chibi Zenki's english voice improves a lot in the second season. XD I'm on episode 31 now. I'm on the Liane rescue mission on Jeanne D'Arc.

Feb 18, 4:54 - My internet connection is worse than yesterday. >:(

Feb 18, 10:37pm - Still having fun playing Jeanne D'Arc. Roger's was just revealed and a bunch of free stages were unlocked so I'll be running around the map exploring for a while. I might also go slay some dragons.


Feb 16 - Slayers Alive 60: Painful Grudges
Feb 17 - Slayers Alive 61: Breaking Barriers
Feb 19 - Slayers Alive 62: Showdown of Dragons and Magic


Feb 19 - Sakel and Faili doodles (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Leopard bandit (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Val's chewtoy (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Zelas' dragon cuisine book (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 12 - Yesterday was drunk unrequited love day at work. You'll get the full story when I post part seven of the Random Events at the Airport blogs. It'll be a funny one.

I think Freedom of Speech is really dead... The fanfiction site I mean, though the other one has been agonizing as of late. http://www.fos-ff.net I miss the days when Lilah still managed this site. Lilah is you're out there, say something! FOS or not, it would still be nice to exchange emails now and then.

I'm still having fun playing Jeanne D'Arc. So the ugly pink toad has a use after all... Couldn't they just use a pot for that, like boiling the gems? Seriously something less ugly would have been nice. That toad better have some sort of plot relevance because it's too icky to be kept around just for the game thing. I'm leveling my main team to 25. It shouldn't take more than 1 or 2 more practice fights to get there. After that I'm going after the 3rd fortress, the purple one north of where the dauphin lives.

It looked like disconnecting the phone from my tech room actually helped somewhat. I'll keep it disconnected.

What's up with Fanfiction Net? Is it dying again? I just posted my fanfic update, this means people won't be able to review. I want to get reviews! D:

----- Updates -----


February 12 - Slayers Alive 59: Details That History Forgot (Slayers)


February 12 - Filia and Solex (Slayers)
mikaristar: Peachy, Pikachu, Pokemon (Stress)
----- News -----

February 11 - "To Live Another Day" has been renamed "Slayers Life" but will keep its original title here at DA to make it easier to find all the chapters. As for this doodle. It's a scene from the upcoming story "Slayers Days" previously known as "Of Love and Sports". The new story will be like a collection of one-shots but also an overall story. That is to say, the episodes will each have a self contained plot and theme but there will also be some eventual overall character development. It will be humors, light and easy to read. It will also be constantly centered about Xellos and Filia, tough some mentions of AmeliaxZelgadis and LinaxGourry will most likely be made. I guess you can compare it to the earlier chapters of Slayers Life where the story was light and relatively simply. That story eventually get complicated, but Slayers Days will say focused on the humor all through.

Edit: Changed "Life" to "Alive" because I think it sounds cooler. Okay, I'm done being indecisive now. XD Really this is all a work in progress. I have several Slayers things planned for when I finish the story. :D I also have some more Pokemon things planned and Final Fantasy VII.

Fanfiction Net's +1 google thing is messed up. D: Do I need to add everything all over again after the site's failure yesterday? It shouldn't affect Google, right? Then why aren't the buttons blue? I'm angry at my internet connection.

It keeps failing constantly. I was told before that the line was too weak to be split, but it's split anyway (phone + internet with 2 phones but only one number so it's one call at a time.) Dad put a phone in my tech room so that I could easily pick it up when when I'm there and hear it despite having headphones because it's right next to me. Except I hate picking up the phone anyway so I don't want the stupid phone. I doubt disconnecting it would help because there's still the extension that leads to the kitchen so mother can use the phone. It might help I bit though, I don't know. I'll get rid of it and see. Why must internet come with phones? No one here cares about the phone, mother and I have cell phones and dad couldn't care less about calling anyone. Actually I only have my cell for emergencies, parents pay for it because I don't even want it, but they insist on me having it for emergencies. It's cheap and prepaid and doesn't have any games or wifi so really, I don't care much for it. I'm definitely an email person. The good phones come with plans which I don't want. I'm not going to pay for a cell plan just so I can use the bonus features and never use the things I actually pay for. If I find an offer that's internet only I'm getting rid of the house phone. But I can't get rid of it if it's on the plan because if mother doesn't use it she won't pay for it. I don't mind paying for the whole thing myself (phone+internet) granted that the stupid phone doesn't get in the way of my net. But then she'll whine about me paying for it and not using it and will want to use it so that it's not "wasted" and I'm not paying for a phone to be used, I'd pay to get rid of the stupid thing.

After getting some recommendations on Beloved Enemy http://z3.invisionfree.com/Beloved_Enemy/index.php?act=site (join! join!) I started watching Maison Ikkoku. It's so ancient, by the same author as Ranma. The main girl looks like Kagome. It looks pretty slow though, not actiony like Ranma. I might drop it in favor of something actiony.

----- Updates -----


February 11 - Slayers Alive 58: The Value Of A Coin (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 9 - I'm having a ton of fun playing Jeanne D'Arc even though tactics isn't my thing this game is super cute and the characters level quickly. I had to stop to train them but the progress is clearly noticeable so it doesn't feel like grinding.

----- Updates -----


February 9: To Live Another Day 57: Victory is Subjective (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 5 - Started playing Chono Cross, so far unimpressed, but not hating it. I have very low expectations so it will hopefully not disappoint.

February 7 - I'm online more often than playing games lately, but I'm slowly making progress through Chrono Cross, very slowly. I've been playing for less than an hour total. Heading to Termina with Leena and the puppy. I'm playing on the PSP, I wonder if there's a hidden option to let me stretch the image. Right now it doesn't take up the whole PSP screen so it's super tiny.

On a random note, it seems I'm only capable of choking on things no one chokes on. I can stuff my face with food and not have a problem, big barely chewed bites are okay for me. Water I must drink slowly because water hates me, but don't they ell people to drink water so they won't choke on food? Just now I ate a handful of candy hearts, no problem, ten minutes later I breathe and choke on air for no reason. It happens like once every two years or so. It's been about that long since I last choked on something that doesn't make sense, so I guess I should have expected it.

----- Updates -----


February 5 - To Live Another Day 53: An Interesting Detour (Slayers)
February 6 - To Live Another Day 54: The Mysterious Lady (Slayers)
February 7 - To Live Another Day 55: The Birds and the Bees (Slayers)


February 5 - Sleepy (Slayers)
February 6 - Celo Metallium (Slayers)
February 6 - Baby Dragon Val (Slayers)
February 6 - Val Transparent Color (Slayers)
February 6 - Dragon Val Wallpaper (Slayers)
February 7 - Val and Palou (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 3 - It's been a while since I've done fanart plugs... Go to my favorites at Deviant art, really, do yourself a favor and go, there's tons of eye candy there: http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/favourites/

February 4 - I stopped playing Axel's story in Disgaea 2 because it's way too grindy. I'm bary on the 90s-100s and the enemies are on the 200s. I'm watching the cutscenes in You Tube for the fun of the story. Axel is totally amusing. I might start playing Chrono Cross now.

----- Updates -----

Fantasy Bit:

February 4 - Updated my profile page.


February 2 - To Live Another Day 50: Undeniable Emotions (Slayers)
February 3 - To Live Another Day 51: A New Mission (Slayers)
February 4 - To Live Another Day 52: Show Me How To Care (Slayers)


February 4 - Sleepy Xellos (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 1 - Went to buy gift for a coworker's baby shower. Driving during the day feels off now that I'm used to the night. It was so bright and crowded! As I was stuck in a traffic jam someone in a bike zoomed by way faster than the cars... -.- I finally got to the store and bought the gift... right after I picked out a hair clip, a perfume and five nail polishes for myself. XD I have so many shades of blue! ♥

To Do List

Finish "To Live Another Day" (Slayers)
Write "Loyalty" (Pokemon)
Write "Of Love and Sports" (Slayers)
Update all one-shot collections
Write Valkyria Chronicles II reader insert
Work on webdesign projects

----- Updates -----


February 1 - To Live Another Day 49: The Scent Of Passion


February 1 - Yellow and Blue (nails)
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----- News -----

January 30 - I'm off to play Disgaea 2. I need to train my prism mage. The others area almost to level 70. I'm saving for some good equipment too, then its back to the story missions. I'm already in Zenon's castle, but I'm training in Shinra Tower.

January 31 - Watched Real Steel at work yesterday in bits and pieces as we processed the flight. Cute robots! I beat Disgaea 2's main story. I'm not sure which ending I got. I'm going to You Tube for the others. I started Axel's story, I'm still on the very first stage now. I won Adell's story with my magic using team of 5: blue, prism & star mages, red & star skulls. They were level 78-81. It was way easier than Disgaea 1, especially since I could heal after each fight. I'm back... I got the good ending. I like the twist with the worse ending, like when the being of solitude is defeated, the winner takes its place. It makes for a nice legend with a villain that can't truly be defeated with the hero becoming the new villain.

----- Updates -----


January 30 - To Live Another Day 47: Rain and Sunshine (Slayers)
January 31 - To Live Another Day 48: A Golden Opportunity (Slayers)


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