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May 8 - Since I finished my latest revamp and decided to take a break before going into the next one... I'm not sure what to do. I'm not exactly jumping on my PSP just because it's my day off. I play during my break at work every other day. I have fics to write, but after typing up a chapter or two a day I feel pretty drained, at least until the next day. I want to finish Loyalty before revamping my other sites and I'm also updating Days alongside it. I guess I'll get started on a new layout or something. I already visited every site I usually visit today anyway. Aha! I found a good fic to listen to! I don't like making layouts in silence so this is very good.

May 9 - I enjoyed listening Snow's fanfiction last night, left some reviews too. I put the finishing touches on the Zenki layout I was making today and put it up. It looks like Fanart Central is having technical difficulties... At least Deviant Art is still working. Due to the 5 pics per day limit on FC I'm still uploading old pics. It'll be a while before I start to post the new stuff there. I also just realized that thanks to Cherri I accomplished my monthly goal challenge on VDex! :D The ponyta is so cute! Thank you! I'm on chapter 3 of Hakuoki... no Saito! don't go! You're like one of my favs! Toshi is my other fave and Sano my other-other fav.

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Loyalty (Pokemon chaptered fic)
- Pokemon one shot (title pending)
- Finish the Fantasy Bit notes page.
- Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Write hero's journey for Layla (rewatch Kaleido Star)
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Write and post as of yet untitled Dekar-centric Estpolis fanfic
- Make a ton of pixels!

Fantasy Bit:
May 9 - New layout! Red and black Zenki. All the coding has been revised with more changes than it looks.

May 9 - Slayers: Alive 116: Undead! Prisoner of Pain

May 8 - Filia Icons and Cursors (Slayers)
May 9 - Bronze, Black and White (nails)
May 9 - Akito Icon and Cursor (TWTYH)
May 9 - Xellos and Filia 50x50 Pixel Avatar (Slayers)


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