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May 8 - Since I finished my latest revamp and decided to take a break before going into the next one... I'm not sure what to do. I'm not exactly jumping on my PSP just because it's my day off. I play during my break at work every other day. I have fics to write, but after typing up a chapter or two a day I feel pretty drained, at least until the next day. I want to finish Loyalty before revamping my other sites and I'm also updating Days alongside it. I guess I'll get started on a new layout or something. I already visited every site I usually visit today anyway. Aha! I found a good fic to listen to! I don't like making layouts in silence so this is very good.

May 9 - I enjoyed listening Snow's fanfiction last night, left some reviews too. I put the finishing touches on the Zenki layout I was making today and put it up. It looks like Fanart Central is having technical difficulties... At least Deviant Art is still working. Due to the 5 pics per day limit on FC I'm still uploading old pics. It'll be a while before I start to post the new stuff there. I also just realized that thanks to Cherri I accomplished my monthly goal challenge on VDex! :D The ponyta is so cute! Thank you! I'm on chapter 3 of Hakuoki... no Saito! don't go! You're like one of my favs! Toshi is my other fave and Sano my other-other fav.

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Loyalty (Pokemon chaptered fic)
- Pokemon one shot (title pending)
- Finish the Fantasy Bit notes page.
- Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Write hero's journey for Layla (rewatch Kaleido Star)
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Write and post as of yet untitled Dekar-centric Estpolis fanfic
- Make a ton of pixels!

Fantasy Bit:
May 9 - New layout! Red and black Zenki. All the coding has been revised with more changes than it looks.

May 9 - Slayers: Alive 116: Undead! Prisoner of Pain

May 8 - Filia Icons and Cursors (Slayers)
May 9 - Bronze, Black and White (nails)
May 9 - Akito Icon and Cursor (TWTYH)
May 9 - Xellos and Filia 50x50 Pixel Avatar (Slayers)


Feb. 27th, 2012 12:55 am
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Finished watching all 51 episodes of Zenki in English. It looks like the OVA Zenki Gaiden wasn't dubbed. It's just one episode so I survived watching it subbed. There are no seeds in it, he style is a more serious exorcism kind of story. It was good, except for he unnecessary bath-service (though I wouldn't complain if it had been grown up Zenki instead of Chiaki and the girls.) I missed the humor from the series, but I liked that it wasn't all about the evil seeds this time. Chiaki looks older. She says she's 17, was she 15 in the series? I don't remember if they ever said it. She didn't do her poses for spell-casting and she had her bracelet, didn't that break? Though its silhouette did appear at the end so maybe another one was formed. Zenki is also quieter and sneakier in this. He actually sneak around and quietly follows Chiaki, hiding in the shadows rather than being stuffed into her luggage like in the series. In short, Zenki got cooler. The fight scene was much better too and had more blood effects.

Chiaki's outfit is slightly different, the skirt seems inconvenient, like she should have kept the old one, but the top looks better. Really only Zelas (from Slayers) could go to battle in a skirt like that and show only exactly what she wants to, but that's just because the dress is also made of her energy). Going back to Chiaki, the sleeves are still huge, but she has to keep her paper charms somewhere I guess. The story was short and predictable, but it was still good seeing this more serious side to Zenki and Chiaki and catching a glimpse at their future career as exorcists after the whole box of seeds thing was solved. Good to see Zenki wasn't sealed after all, though it looks like Goki doesn't follow Chiaki around as much, but he has his human alternate life to live, while Zenki is completely a guardian spirit. (I think he's an oni in the Japanese version though.) None the less Chiaki is able to transform zenki to his ultimate form without doing the star sign and without assistance from Goki. It is said that she would surpass Ozzuno... Lupapa wasn't there, I'm guessing he/she/it stayed home. There's no golden axe either... but Zenki's got new powers. I supposed that to avoid time paradoxes the dragon had to return to its slumber eventually, it can time travel so as long as it eventually goes back it's okay.

I finally ge to role play Eonix at Regnoran http://www.regnoran.proboards.com She's a loud mouth, explosive wielding, obsessive brat with as much regard for danger as a kamikaze. She's got Fuzen's temper, but she actually has a brain and that's an dangerous combination. Thank Kee she's only a medium Zarkavian, though she is very close to large, if she had been a real large... Just imagine a female Fuzen with the ability to think stomping around, that would be dangerous.

I went through my old files and did a clean up. I have a ton of old stuff to post at Deviant Art. O.o;;

Fantasy Bit:

Feb 26 - Cleaned out the broken links and updated the profile page.

Black Ring:

Feb 26 - Put up a new layout and cleaned out the broken links.


Feb 26 - Slayers Alive 65: Hostages and Bargaining Chips (Slayers)


Feb 25 - Rocket Member Card (Pokemon)
Feb 25 - Prism final evolution (Pokemon)
Feb 25 - Black Ring Chika (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Golden Phoenix WIP (Kaleido Star)
Feb 26 - Jade Shadow (Summon Night)
Feb 26 - Virtual Seto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Feb 26 - Fantasy Bit (Phantasy Star)
Feb 26 - Black Ring Layouts (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Blue Moon Bekko (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Old Banners (Saiyuki, Zombie Loan, Swat Kats, Jigoku Shoujo)
Feb 26 - Sanzo Banner (Saiyuki)
Feb 26 - Reno Banner (Final Fantasy VII)
Feb 26 - Mello Banner (Death Note)
Feb 26 - Konzen Banner (Saiyuki Gaiden)
Feb 26 - Magus Moon Banner (Chrono Trigger)
Feb 26 - L Poem Banner (Death Note)
Feb 26 - Kirby Frame (Kirby)
Feb 26 - Ureksa Frame (Summon Night)
Feb 26 - Peach Castle Frame (Mario)
Feb 26 - Icons and Sigs (Mario, Lufia, Sailor Moon, Toradora, Mana Khemia, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Saiyuki, Final Fantasy VII)
Feb 26 - Universal Serial Bus (photo)
Feb 26 - Universal Serial Bus (base)
Feb 26 - Falling Petals (Background)


Feb. 24th, 2012 05:32 pm
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For the full details of my flu of doom experience go to LJ, I didn't feel like spreading the negative blogging all over. Anyway, I'm feeling much better today.

I'm on episode 48 of Zenki.

Many thanks to Matt for exchanging texts with me last night. :D We texted for like an hour. Cherri I got your message, I actually saw it hours after it was sent when I woke up. I'm in a future timezone and you still get up before me. XD

I saw this meme http://rinoaebastel.deviantart.com/art/50-chars-meme-286920316 and realized I already have the answers to mine here http://piratesboard.net/mikari/profile.php more than 50 actually. XD They're not in order.


Feb 24 - Slayers Alive 64: Garden of Evil (Slayers)
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Feb 16, 5:05pm - My connection is on and off again. -.-

Feb 16, 6:31pm - Finished the first season of Zenki. I remember some of these episodes from years ago. I would watch them in the morning before school so I was half asleep and everything is bit blurry. Watching them again has felt mostly new, with a few scenes I recognize here and there.

Feb 17, 4:19pm - Lupapa is cute! I had forgotten the little bunny from Zenki and then I saw it and was like "Lupapa!!! :D"

Feb 17, 4:47pm - I found more similarities between Zenki and Inuyasha, I'll post a full list when I finish the series.

Feb 18, 4:49pm - Chibi Zenki's english voice improves a lot in the second season. XD I'm on episode 31 now. I'm on the Liane rescue mission on Jeanne D'Arc.

Feb 18, 4:54 - My internet connection is worse than yesterday. >:(

Feb 18, 10:37pm - Still having fun playing Jeanne D'Arc. Roger's was just revealed and a bunch of free stages were unlocked so I'll be running around the map exploring for a while. I might also go slay some dragons.


Feb 16 - Slayers Alive 60: Painful Grudges
Feb 17 - Slayers Alive 61: Breaking Barriers
Feb 19 - Slayers Alive 62: Showdown of Dragons and Magic


Feb 19 - Sakel and Faili doodles (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Leopard bandit (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Val's chewtoy (Slayers)
Feb 19 - Zelas' dragon cuisine book (Slayers)
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If Inuyasha lets go of his sword he goes crazy with his power that's otherwise locked away awakening and going berserk, if Zenki picks up the golden axe he goes crazy in the same way... I'm guessing that I can expect Chiaki to be all Kagome in a future episode and bring Zenki back to his sense maybe? Oh wait, Zenki was made before Inuyasha, so Kagome is the one acting like Chiaki. XD

I found some more similarities between Inuyasha and Zenki. Continued from here: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/217583.html

- There's a weapon that affects the main guy's power.

- There's a monk that travels around with the group.

- An ally was brainwashed and forced to work for the villains.

- There is time travel from the modern age to the feudal era.

- There are mythological creatures.

- There's a tree that's significant to the plot.

- There are small magical items that induce transformations and create troublesome beasts.
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----- News -----

February 14, 12:15pm - Why is it that I laugh like an idiot when Zenki says "set fire to my horn"? ...because it's funny I guess?

February 15, 11:37pm - Another game join the human x nonhuman crack club. In Jeanne D'arc it's an elf and a panther. He talks, walks, dresses and acts like a human, but he looks very much like a panther. Granted she's not human and they point out she's different, but really she just has pointy ears. Bartolomeo and Beatrix... I thought she was some sort of beastman hunter when she first appeared wanting to fight him. But no, she was just chasing after her fiance, sadistic Zelda look alike. Too bad she joins so late in the game and the archer spot in my team has already been filled by Reno's little brother, or some kid that looks like he could be. As for the other games with the oddpairs, there's a human x wolfguy wedding in Breath of Fire and I don't mean werewolf, I mean full time anthro wolf, or maybe I should say furry? In one of the endinds of Tetris Battle Gaiden if you play as the wolf he marries the human (purple hair aside) queen at the end. Then there's Slayers, not a game but an anime. They make fun of the other members of the human x nonhuman club with their silly human x fish crack and I don't mean mermaids, but actual fish with silly human arms and legs sticking out of the fully fish body. I'm surprised they haven't paired a human with another nonhuman aside from fish yet, I mean they have all sorts of furries in that crazy Dungeons & Dragons style series that loves to poke fun at itself. As for my progress in Jeanne D'Arc to say it without spoilers, I got the third armor dude and Jeanne is taking a break with Liane stepping into the spotlight for a while. I'm trying to level all my mains to 35.

February 15, 11:52pm - My throat kind of hurts. I hope I'm not getting sick. Now watching episode 18 of Zenki, having fun!

----- Updates -----


February 15 - Blue Green (Nails)
February 15 - Hair (Photo)
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----- News -----

February 14 - Waiting to get more feedback before updating my fanfic. The next chapter is ready, I'm just giving people time to log into the archives and post.

I painted my nails blue-green. The polish says it is scented like "ocean breeze" but it smells like detergent. D:

I'm on episode 14 of Zenki. :)

Happy chocolate day everyone!

----- Updates -----


February 14 - How did you? (Pokemon)
February 14 - Rocket Spy (Pokemon)
February 14 - Amelia Playing Dressup (Slayers)
February 14 - Chocolate Day 2012 (Slayers)
February 14 - Filia, Xellos and Val Icons (Slayers)
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- The main girl who is a student.

- The main girl has black hair.

- The main girl wears short skirts.

- The main girl is from a shrine keeper family.

- The main guy has been been sealed for many years.

- The main guy has special powers.

- The main guy has a stubborn and prideful personality.

- The main guy doesn't like admitting he cares for his companions.

- The main guy has a big appetite.

- The main guy has an 'alternate form.'

- The main guy has trouble understanding the ways of the modern world.

- The main girl uses a magical item to control the main guy.

- The main girl and main guy argue often.

- There's an old lady who guides the main girl.

- The old lady wears priestess robes.

- There's magic and mythical legends.

- The main group goes around hunting for a large, but not infinite amount of small magic items.


Feb. 13th, 2012 11:02 pm
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----- News -----

February 12, 7:47pm - That old Fanfiction Net poll has been there since forever and I keep forgetting to changing. That's why I'm blogging this as a reminder to myself. Unfortunately I can't do that now because the site's log in is down again. It's happened twice already recently (that I know of). What's up with that? Here I was ready to celebrate that my Slayers fanfic "Slayers Alive" is close to reaching 200,000 words.

February 13, 4:19pm - Started rewatching Zenki. This is an old anime, but it's fun. Looked up some info on Jeannie. Man is that show ever old. I watched it as a toddler, but I didn't realize it was made over 20 years before I was born. I knew it was old but I thought it was 80s, it's actually older than that. O.o;;

February 13, 10:36pm - Watching Zenki before work. ^^

----- Updates -----


February 13 - Solex and Xellos (Slayers)


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