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May 7 - Meme!

1. Leave a comment to this post!
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each.

Todd gave me the letter I http://yeerk.livejournal.com/56234.html

1- Iris from Lufia II... Technically her true name is Erim, but Iris she goes by Iris for most of the game. An interesting sneaky character that put up a convincing act. She helps the hero along his journey though she is technically supposed to be an antagonist. I like how the line is blurred for her.

2- Idura from Lufia II... Not a particularly interesting character, but he serves his purpose as a mid-boss.

3- Itachi from Naruto... Bishounen... he was cooler when he was evil, mostly because his "tragic" logic is so flawed that I see him more as an idiot than a martyr now.

4- Impa from Zelda... The mysterious warrior is pretty cool. There have been many different version of her over time, which ironically when from old to young, rather than the other way around.

5- Invader Zim... He's funny adorable, cute, love him!

6- Indiana Jones... Technically called Henry, but few remember that anyway. I like the original trilogy best. Fun action hero with a whip FTW.

7- IG-88 from Star Wars... I thought the design was funny, he's supposed to be a scary human hunter but he just doesn't look it. XD

May 8 - I finally finished revamping my Summon Night site yeaterday. I didn't even remember today was my day off. I guess I'm getting used to the 6 days slavery, it's so sad. At least I have tonight off. I'm planning to write fanfics tonight and stick with that until Loyalty is done. I'll still update Days while I'm at it. After that I'll revamp my Kaleido Star site while I continue with Days and I'll keep going with the revamps alongside Days until they're all done.

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Loyalty (Pokemon chaptered fic)
- Pokemon one shot (title pending)
- Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Revamp Fantasy Bit
- Revamp RED Reno (Final Fantasy VII) fansite
- Write hero's journey for Layla (rewatch Kaleido Star)
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Write and post as of yet untitled Dekar-centric Estpolis fanfic
- Make a ton of pixels!

Surreptitious (Summon Night):
May 7 - Revamped the current layout and made two new layouts. All three are available as skins. Organized and revised all the pages. Completely rewrote the Shipping page. Added a bunch of stuff to the media sections. Added two more characters to the Comparisons. Wrote a new section: Epic Hero.

May 5 - Slayers: Alive 114: Unstable! A Dangerous Combination
May 8 - Loyalty 9: Ruins (Pokemon)
May 8 - Slayers: Days 8: Hostage Situation
May 8 - Slayers: Alive 115: Panic! False Accusations Of Despair

May 8 - Ureksa (Summon Night)
May 8 - Miyabi Cursor, Icon and Gif (TWTYH)
May 8 - Chibi Ureksa (Summon Night)
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----- News -----

January 12 - Playing Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. The game play seems friendlier than 1, though I liked the characters from 1 better. The slow strategy style is still not my thing and I wish this was a real RPG. I got stuck on episode 2, I still to level up my kamikaze, I mean, my characters. I'm trying to collect at least 50 mana to make some extra characters.

January 15 - I taught all my Disgaea 2 mains to heal. I'm using Adell, Rozalin, Filia (healer), Gourry (male fighter), Lina (red skull, I know they're supposed to be boys but they look like girls with the pigtail hoods), Mikari (blue mage). I'm teaching my magic users to cast all the different elements available. I haven't unlocked much yet. I'll probably make one more character or wait for the another human to join (they can throw so that helps). I won't bother making ten characters to level (is ten the limit in this game too?) I do better with fewer better leveled characters. I'm on episode 3 so far. Adell and Axel are my favorites. I still like the story of Disgaea 1 better.

----- Updates -----


January 14 - To Live Another Day 31: Victory and Defeat (Slayers)
January 15 - To Live Another Day 32: Bandits, Dragons and Revenge (Slayers)
January 16 - To Live Another Day 33: Being Human Is Not Easy (Slayers)


January 12 - Dragon Ball bullet (pixel)
January 12 - Random Devices Icons (Sailor Moon, Zelgadis, Neuro, Seto, Sanzo)
January 12 - Purple and Green (Nails)
January 12 - Lina's Candy (Slayers)
January 14 - Chibi Zelas (Slayers)
January 15 - Chibi Gourry (Slayers)
January 16 - Chibi Zelgadis (Slayers)
January 16 - Sword (Slayers)


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