May. 28th, 2012 10:23 pm
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May 25 - I already named my PSP Reno and my cell Axel. So what should I call my iPod? Maybe Xellos... He's cute and all, black with a blue cover, but he doesn't respond to being stabbed. I have to touch him with my finger rather than my nails and that's uncomfortable. I'm still getting used to typing with my pinkie. I'll take him to work and play with him while I'm on break. I'm not even done setting him up yet, but that trip to the mall drained me so I'll do that later. Got some pretty earrings too, I really like earrings.

May 26 - Happy birthday Jess!

May 27 - Some annoying relatives were supposed to be coming over. They haven't arrived, I hope they don't come! My throat kind of hurts. :(

May 28 - Afternoon... My throat still hurts and I'm more light headed than yesterday... I think I'm going to call in sick today. I'm cold and can't think much... Night... Naturally, I started feeling better after night fell, the sun makes me sleepy and the dark makes me feel awake. Go figure, I mean, I sleep in a dark room even if it's day time. Anyway, I'm still light headed with cold medication and I'm constantly eating mints for my throat. I'm taking a sick day tonight and tomorrow I'm off so I should have time to recover. I heard some annoying relatives are coming over and want me to tag along to dinner. Maybe this cold is for the best, then I can say I can't go because I'm sick. Waiting for Fate/Extra to finish downloading from the PSN store then I'll go play.

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Finish the Fantasy Bit notes page.
- Finish Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Update Missions and Deliveries (Final Fantasy VII)
- Write new Mario fanfic, it will be lots of fun!
- Write X-Men: Evolution fic, main characters to be decided.
- Write Sailor Moon fic, sort of Molly-centric?
- Write Lufia II fanfic, Dekar-centric.
- Make a ton of pixels!

Way Cool
May 25 - A few small last minute tweaks here and there.

May 26 - Slayers Alive 124: Suspicious! For You To Find Out
May 26 - Loyalty 14: Links (Pokemon)
May 27 - Loyalty 15: Exorcism (Pokemon)
May 27 - Slayers Alive 125: Exposed! The Truth Must Be Faced
May 28 - Loyalty 16: Souls (Pokemon)
May 28 Slayers Days 14: No One Has to Know

May 25 - Chocolate Donut (photo)
May 25 - Airplane Wing (photo)
May 25 - Airplane Door (photo)
May 25 - Donuts (photo)
May 27 - Zerenitia Cursors and Icon (Regnoran)

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May 14 - I had some really weird dreams last night... One was about sitting in front of a TV watching an odd movie. It was sort of a high school theme with some girl that looked a bit like Moni from TWTYH and some asian guy. I think they triggered the dream, except Aki didn't have his hair dyed and their backgrounds were different as they both went to school in America. There was something about some evil sorcerer they had to stop. Odd... The other dream followed the same theme, except I was also a student of the same school and for some reason I was there when the evil wizard was trying to sacrifice the students. The protagonists should have been just outside the gates at that time. I was trying to escape, though a statue carved into a tree tried to prevent it. I fought it and reached the school gates anyway. Sure enough, the protagonists were there, arriving for the finale of the movie, but then I woke up. It's like I had a dream about watching a movie, then I had a dream about dreaming about the movie I just dreamed about. Weird. XD

May 17 - Horrible weather for most of the afternoon. It just stopped storming and I finally got online. Stupid bad weather affecting the electricity and getting in my way.

May 18 - The weather isn't cooperating these days, but I'm making progress with my upcoming fansite. I should have it done in a week or so. Most of the information is all typed up. I just need to go over it for any corrections, organize everything and finish the visuals. I actually started with the writing just to see how much I could write about such a minor character. I think around 8,000 words of information makes for a decent fansite, yes? I'll have lots of pretty graphics too, I just need to make them. I'll be focusing on that so I'll probably only update Slayers: Alive until this is done, then I'll get back into updating Loyalty (Pokemon) and Slayers: Days. Once Loyalty is done I'll get started on the Golden Phoenix revamp since I'll only have Days to update then, so I'll have some extra time. I have the full outline for Loyalty done and the outline for several upcoming chapters of Days. I also have part of Loyalty chapter 14 written (it'll have 15 chapters in total) so rest assured, I fully intend to finish all these stories.

May 21 - I'm making progress with the upcoming site. Been listening to the ending chapters of Blessed Defiance. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6302466/1/Blessed_Defiance

May 23 - The upcoming fan site (those who follow me on Deviant Art already know what it's about) is coming along nicely. It's taking longer than I thought, but I'm getting somewhere! I've been focused on that for the last few days and have only been updating Slayers: Alive. As soon as this is done, I'll make a few small changes to Golden Phoenix and dub my collective revamped. I'll still be updating Slayers: Alive the whole time. I'll get back to Loyalty (Pokemon) and some more cursor and icons for TWTYH and Slayers. Next up is Slayers: Days, then my new Mario story.

May 24 - New site! http://piratesboard.net/mikari/way/cool.php

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Finish making fansite... it is related to the Mario fandom
- Loyalty (Pokemon chaptered fic) (start round robin)
- Finish the Fantasy Bit notes page.
- Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Update Missions and Deliveries (Final Fantasy VII)
- Write new Mario fanfic, it will be lots of fun!
- Write X-Men: Evolution fic, main characters to be decided.
- Write Sailor Moon fic, sort of Molly-centric?
- Write Lufia II fanfic, Dekar-centric.
- Make a ton of pixels!

Way Cool
May 24 - Site open, everything is new!

May 15 - Slayers Days 12: Witch’s Brew
May 15 - Slayers Alive 119: Forgive! Put Regret To Rest
May 17 - Slayers Days 13: Ten Steps
May 17 - Slayers Alive 120: Identity! Name It And You'll Get Attached
May 18 - Loyalty 13: Associations (Pokemon)
May 18 - Slayers Alive 121: Fusion! All For A Common Goal
May 21 - Slayers Alive 122: Awakening! Forgotten But Not Gone
May 23 - Slayers Alive 123: Secret! For Us To Know

May 15 - Chocolate covered marshmallows (photo)
May 17 - My Snack (photo)
May 17 - Vending Machines (photo)
May 17 - One Key (photo)
May 17 - Umbrella (photo)
May 17 - Many Keys (photo)
May 17 - Ketchup (photo)
May 17 - Airplane Engine (photo)
May 17 - Airplane Seats (photo)
May 17 - Radio (photo)
May 17 - Rose (photo)
May 18 - Hand (photo)
May 18 - Chocolate and Chocolate (photo)
May 18 - Pepsi, Choco Cake & Cheetos (photo)
May 19 - Boshi (Super Mario)
May 23 - Boshi's Cookie (Super Mario)
May 24 - Boshi's Cookie version 2 (Super Mario)


Feb. 27th, 2012 12:55 am
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Finished watching all 51 episodes of Zenki in English. It looks like the OVA Zenki Gaiden wasn't dubbed. It's just one episode so I survived watching it subbed. There are no seeds in it, he style is a more serious exorcism kind of story. It was good, except for he unnecessary bath-service (though I wouldn't complain if it had been grown up Zenki instead of Chiaki and the girls.) I missed the humor from the series, but I liked that it wasn't all about the evil seeds this time. Chiaki looks older. She says she's 17, was she 15 in the series? I don't remember if they ever said it. She didn't do her poses for spell-casting and she had her bracelet, didn't that break? Though its silhouette did appear at the end so maybe another one was formed. Zenki is also quieter and sneakier in this. He actually sneak around and quietly follows Chiaki, hiding in the shadows rather than being stuffed into her luggage like in the series. In short, Zenki got cooler. The fight scene was much better too and had more blood effects.

Chiaki's outfit is slightly different, the skirt seems inconvenient, like she should have kept the old one, but the top looks better. Really only Zelas (from Slayers) could go to battle in a skirt like that and show only exactly what she wants to, but that's just because the dress is also made of her energy). Going back to Chiaki, the sleeves are still huge, but she has to keep her paper charms somewhere I guess. The story was short and predictable, but it was still good seeing this more serious side to Zenki and Chiaki and catching a glimpse at their future career as exorcists after the whole box of seeds thing was solved. Good to see Zenki wasn't sealed after all, though it looks like Goki doesn't follow Chiaki around as much, but he has his human alternate life to live, while Zenki is completely a guardian spirit. (I think he's an oni in the Japanese version though.) None the less Chiaki is able to transform zenki to his ultimate form without doing the star sign and without assistance from Goki. It is said that she would surpass Ozzuno... Lupapa wasn't there, I'm guessing he/she/it stayed home. There's no golden axe either... but Zenki's got new powers. I supposed that to avoid time paradoxes the dragon had to return to its slumber eventually, it can time travel so as long as it eventually goes back it's okay.

I finally ge to role play Eonix at Regnoran http://www.regnoran.proboards.com She's a loud mouth, explosive wielding, obsessive brat with as much regard for danger as a kamikaze. She's got Fuzen's temper, but she actually has a brain and that's an dangerous combination. Thank Kee she's only a medium Zarkavian, though she is very close to large, if she had been a real large... Just imagine a female Fuzen with the ability to think stomping around, that would be dangerous.

I went through my old files and did a clean up. I have a ton of old stuff to post at Deviant Art. O.o;;

Fantasy Bit:

Feb 26 - Cleaned out the broken links and updated the profile page.

Black Ring:

Feb 26 - Put up a new layout and cleaned out the broken links.


Feb 26 - Slayers Alive 65: Hostages and Bargaining Chips (Slayers)


Feb 25 - Rocket Member Card (Pokemon)
Feb 25 - Prism final evolution (Pokemon)
Feb 25 - Black Ring Chika (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Golden Phoenix WIP (Kaleido Star)
Feb 26 - Jade Shadow (Summon Night)
Feb 26 - Virtual Seto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Feb 26 - Fantasy Bit (Phantasy Star)
Feb 26 - Black Ring Layouts (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Blue Moon Bekko (Zombie Loan)
Feb 26 - Old Banners (Saiyuki, Zombie Loan, Swat Kats, Jigoku Shoujo)
Feb 26 - Sanzo Banner (Saiyuki)
Feb 26 - Reno Banner (Final Fantasy VII)
Feb 26 - Mello Banner (Death Note)
Feb 26 - Konzen Banner (Saiyuki Gaiden)
Feb 26 - Magus Moon Banner (Chrono Trigger)
Feb 26 - L Poem Banner (Death Note)
Feb 26 - Kirby Frame (Kirby)
Feb 26 - Ureksa Frame (Summon Night)
Feb 26 - Peach Castle Frame (Mario)
Feb 26 - Icons and Sigs (Mario, Lufia, Sailor Moon, Toradora, Mana Khemia, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Saiyuki, Final Fantasy VII)
Feb 26 - Universal Serial Bus (photo)
Feb 26 - Universal Serial Bus (base)
Feb 26 - Falling Petals (Background)


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