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April 9 - We had lots of snacks yesterday at work. I posted pics. ^^

April 10 - My 6 day work week sucks, I'm tired. My day off is gone too fast. I can't wait for the low season!

April 9 - Slayers Alive 92: Intense! Into The Raging Storm
April 10 - Slayers Alive 93: Amusing! It's All Fun And Games

April 9 - Cake Decorations (photo)
April 9 - Easter Egg (photo)
April 9 - Easter Bunny (photo)
April 9 - Bunny, Mushroom, Egg (photo)
April 9 - Candy Bag (photo)
April 9 - Chips (photo)
April 9 - Easter Cake (photo)
April 9 - Cupcakes (photo)
April 9 - Abstract Chips Yellow (background)
April 9 - Abstract Chips Red (background)
April 9 - Abstract Chips Green (background)
April 9 - Abstract Chips Blue (background)
April 9 - Abstract Chips Purple (background)
April 10 - Xellos' Lollipop 1 (Slayers)
April 10 - Xellos' Lollipop 2 (Slayers)
April 10 - Xellos' Lollipop 3 (Slayers)
April 10 - Xellos' Lollipop 4 (Slayers)
April 10 - Easter in Seyruun 2 (Slayers)
April 10 - Slayers Wonderland
April 10 - Chibi Milgazia 2 (Slayers)


Apr. 8th, 2012 03:49 pm
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Happy Easter everyone!

Happy birthday Julie!

April 4 - Slayers Alive 87: Forward! Moving Step By Step
April 5 - Slayers Alive 88: Clues! Discovering Enigmas
April 5 - Endless: Dark Light (Pokemon)
April 6 - Slayers Alive 89: Puzzle! Answers Lead To Questions
April 7 - Slayers Alive 90: Breakup! Hurt The One You Love
April 8 - Slayers Alive 91: Haste! Fools Rush In

April 4 - Blue and Yellow 2 (photo)
April 4 - Manicure Snapshots (photo)
April 5 - Kair and Lance (Pokemon)
April 6 - Mean Streak (Pokemon)
April 6 - Sleepy Val (Slayers)
April 7 - Chibi Milgazia (Slayers)
April 8 - Easter in Seyruun (Slayers)

Easter Eggs

Apr. 3rd, 2012 06:44 pm
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Mar 31 - It sucks that my cheap texts only work in the US. D: Texts outside the US are expensive.

April 1 - Happy April fool's day!

April 3 - I'm off to hunt for Easter Togepi at VDex. ^_^

Mar 31 - Slayers Alive 84: Poison! Prepare For Trouble
April 1 - Slayers: Alive 85: Antidote! A Classic Fairytale Legend
April 2 - Slayers: Alive 86: Annoying! Tricky Treasure Guards

Mar 31 - Slayers: Freedom 10
April 1 - Strange Tea Leaf (Slayers)
April 1 - Val's Yoyo digital ink (Slayers)
April 1 - Val's Yoyo digtal colors (Slayers)
April 1 - Too Close digital lines (Slayers)
April 1 - Too Close colored (Slayers)
April 2 - Slayers Doodles
April 2 - Icecream Xellos (Slayers)
April 2 - Arrow Gourry (Slayers)
April 2 - Bow Filia (Slayers)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace Colored (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace Icons (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Buttercup and Ace Stamp (Powerpuff Girls)
April 2 - Blue and Purple Background
April 2 - Blue and Purple Shiny Background
April 3 - Cat Xellos (Slayers)


Mar. 14th, 2012 05:51 pm
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Mar 7 - Took my lab tests to the doc... I am miraculously healthy! :o My blood level was indeed a bit low, but it was minimal, I got some vitamins to fix it and everything else is good. I thought I would be worse off than that, given how I don't eat healthy, but I'm blessed with good health, I can only call it a miracle and be thankful. XD

Mar 8 - Today is women's day, I didn't remember until I got a happy women's day text. Then the Google title banner made sense. XD So yeah, cheers to all the girls reading this. :)

Mar 13 - I decided that I'm going to merge the two Slayers stories after all so I'll put up the plot lines I had planned for the sequel as part of the current story. I will also post another story which will be a collection of one shots where I'll take requests. My upcoming Pokemon story will be opened as a round robin so that will be fun. It was supposed to be a surprise, but yeah... I couldn't resist. Most of the first chapter is actually written, I just need to revise it. At some point in the future I'll also do a final revision of Diamonds and insert that little flash back scene with Comet I had been meaning to put somewhere. Back to the topic of Slayers fanfiction I need to rearrange the chapters of the story to insert certain plot lines in the middle because I don't want to put them after the big boss fight as they would seem anti-climatic by comparison, I'm going over everything to ensure a smooth transition. So yeah... the crazy humor saga with brass rackets will be the last "season" of the story before the dramatic finale! I'm still working on those revisions so it'll be a while, but I'll get there. I also need to read up the Epic Hero info for my other web-design plans. 2012 is being productive!

Mar 14 - That job application that I change my mind about every single day... I got a reply. I don't know how to feel about it. I guess that's because I don't have the slightest idea what it's really like. I fear being burned out with work if I pass and take it, but at the same time it's a great opportunity... just not now. I'm good now, I'll need this eventually, but not this year. Yet leaving it for later could mean forever losing it. I should have just waited to apply when I was sure, but alas I did it on a whim and too many people are more than willing to help me. I don't know if I should say life is handing me a treasure on a silver platter or ruin in the same way. I don't know if I would like it (if I pass and that's a big if) or if I can even get to the interview (I need to get there on an airplane so yeah it's that far). Meh... I just don't know, it's where the money and independence is, but I'm so comfy being a lazy brat at my parents' house I'm not even sure I want it.

Fantasy Bit
Mar 14 - Small update to the profile page.

Mar 14 - Cleaned up the links and made a small info update.

Mar 14 - Cleaned up the links an made some grammar corrections.

Mar 7 - Slayers Alive 72: An Unlikely Alliance
Mar 8 - Slayers Alive 73: Size Matters
Mar 9 - Slayers Alive 74: Among Friends
Mar 11 - Slayers Alive 75: Unfinished Business
Mar 12 - Slayers Alive 76: Extras! More Side Quests
Mar 14 - Slayers Alive 77: Random! Unforeseen Events

Mar 6 - Slayers: Freedom
Mar 9 - Deep Sea Dolphin (Slayers)
Mar 9 - Slayers: Freedom 2
Mar 10 - Galathia 2 (Slayers)
Mar 10 - Slayers: Freedom 3
Mar 11 - Xellos and Filia chibis (Slayers)
Mar 11 - Saramina (Slayers)
Mar 11 - Solex and Val (Slayers)
Mar 11 - Beautiful Blue (nails)
Mar 12 - Slayers: Freedom 4
Mar 13 - Fly! (Slayers)
Mar 13 - Slayers: Freedom 5
Mar 14 - Slayers: Freedom 6
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----- News -----

February 14 - Waiting to get more feedback before updating my fanfic. The next chapter is ready, I'm just giving people time to log into the archives and post.

I painted my nails blue-green. The polish says it is scented like "ocean breeze" but it smells like detergent. D:

I'm on episode 14 of Zenki. :)

Happy chocolate day everyone!

----- Updates -----


February 14 - How did you? (Pokemon)
February 14 - Rocket Spy (Pokemon)
February 14 - Amelia Playing Dressup (Slayers)
February 14 - Chocolate Day 2012 (Slayers)
February 14 - Filia, Xellos and Val Icons (Slayers)

A New Year

Jan. 1st, 2012 07:54 pm
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----- News -----

December 29 - Does Dream Width have ads? I don't know because I block all ads anyway. Does the real blog http://mikaristar.dreamwidth.org look like this screen shot? http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/art/Dream-Width-276315520

December 30 - Happy Birthday Hikou!

December 31 - I had fun yesterday. ^_^ I slept in late, had a nice take out lunch, played around on online forums and comm while listening to a bible chapter (not getting confused). Watched anime, played video games, wrote fanfiction, drew fanart and had a good day at work. The system was down, the flight was oversold, it was deliciously chaotic! (Did I just say deliciously chaotic? Oh yeah, I would definitely be a monster in the Slayers world. XD) The most amazing part was that I actually did all of that, giving a good amount of time to each activity without feeling rushed or overloaded. Was it that yesterday had more than 24 hours? Technically it was half of yesterday and half of today, but my days start in the afternoon so it balances into a single day so to speak.

As for today, the day is not so great because it's new years and I have to work, which is not a problem as I'm sure I'll be endlessly amused watching my coworker pathetically cry like idiots (oh yeah definitely of the monster race in the Slayers-verse XD). But you know parents get idiotic because boo-hoo I'm going to be a whole fifteen minutes away. Phff! Still, I'm going to leave their idiotic overly emotional junk behind and have a blast handling another chaotic flight. :D My coworkers are starting to think I'm crazy because I enjoy chaos so much. ^_^

January 1 - Happy New Year Everyone! Today was more chaotic than yesterday because it had all the same things plus a broken baggage conveyor belt. I sent out a whole bunch of texts and it looks like most if not all of them got to where they were going. Snow, Cherri, do you have the same numbers with the new phones, email me. I was surprised that a few people still have the same numbers, it's been forever since the last time I messaged them.

I'm slowly making progress through my Slayers fanfic novel. After that it's that Pokemon story "Loyalty" which will be maybe about 25k-30k words? I don't know yet, I haven't even done the outline yet and lately I've been using lists of events to make chaptered stories esier to keep up with in the writing process and to make sure I don't forget any important details. I'll do all that after I'm done with "To Live Another Day" I still have plenty of events in my outline for that one. After that I would like to write something Valkyria Chronicles II related, possibly a short reader insert, but in first person instead of second so I can post it at Fanfiction net too. After that I have an idea for something web-design related... talk about having a ton of busy plans and they're all quite time consuming so it'll be a while. As for my resolutions... I have only a to do list really and I just detailed it. XD Overall, I had a great year! Some of the most notable events were my new job and learning a lot about writing thanks to practicing with long fanfiction.

January 2 - Happy Birthday Matt!

----- Updates -----

Fantasy Bit:

January 1 - Added some links at Surreptitious (Summon Night) and Golden Phoenix (Kaleido Star).


January 1 - To Live Another Day 26: Hidden Potential (Slayers)


December 29 - A Few Icons (Valkyrie Profile, Summon Night, Final Fantasy VI)
December 31 - Link (Legend of Zelda)
December 31 - Filia (Slayers)
December 31 - Onyx 3 (Slayers OC)


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