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Mar. 3rd, 2012 06:20 pm
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Mar 1 - One of my PSP's batteries died, it won't take any charge. Now I only have one.
Mar 2 - Happy birthday Snow!
Mar 3 - We had a mini-party at work yesterday, snacks pics at Deviant Art!
Mar 5 - Voting starts on Gaia

Feb 27 - Added an extra page with some Reno info and stuff.

Black Ring
Feb 28 - Added the summaries for manga volumes 7 to 9.
Feb 29 - Added the summaries for manga volumes 10 to 13.

Feb 28 - Slayers Alive 66: A Troublesome Game of Fetch
Feb 29 - Slayers Alive 67: It's All About Attitude
Mar 1 - Slayers Alive 68: Treasure Hunting Detour
Mar 2 - Slayers Alive 69: Disarranged Puzzle Pieces

Feb 28 - Banners and Icons (various)
Feb 28 - Reno page (Final Fantasy VII)
Mar 1 - Tiger Nails (manicure)
Mar 3 - Stars (photo)
Mar 3 - Food Table (photo)
Mar 3 - Snacks (photo)
Mar 3 - Dip (photo)
Mar 3 - Sandwich (photo)
Mar 3 - Cookies (photo)
Mar 3 - Cake (photo)
Mar 3 - My Cookie (photo)
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----- News -----

December 27 - Like I said in Amassment Am I the only one who likes the new LJ comments? Sure the subjects were nice, but editing is available without a paid account and the comment screen looks nicer. Overall I find that it has more pros than cons. Regardless I'm making a Dreamwidth anyway because hey they're free and I can use it to keep track of only certain posts and keep the ramblings on LJ as they already are. So I'm filling up the profile and it asks for my gender, the options being "Male", "Female", "Other" and "Rather not Say". The "not say" thing, it's understandable if for whatever reason someone wants to hide their gender, but "other?" Without getting into the variety of orientations that there are in the world, as far as I know, there are only two genders. It made me laugh about how "politically correct" they're trying to be. XD Here's my DW url:

December 28 - Before I forget to post the link XD Rate me at Gaia Online I changed Fantasy Bit's layout, a new layout for the New Year. XD I'm still playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. I got a decent deck now and unlocked Leo's first event. I'm also trying to get the Yusei and Jack events... and everyone else. XD There are many cards to collect in this game. O.o;;

----- Updates -----

Fantasy Bit:

December 28 - New layout: Lightning from Dissidia 012.


December 28 - To Live Another Day 25: Ye Who Ask For Ruin (Slayers)


December 26 - Blue and Green Gold (Nails)
December 26 - Another Xellos? (Slayers)
December 26 - Chibi Filia (Slayers)
December 27 - Little Minion (Slayers)
December 27 - Xellos Banner (Slayers)
December 28 - Lina Background (Slayers)
December 28 - Dream Width (Slayers)
December 28 - Lightning Layout (Dissidia 012)


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