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February 3 - It's been a while since I've done fanart plugs... Go to my favorites at Deviant art, really, do yourself a favor and go, there's tons of eye candy there: http://mikaristar.deviantart.com/favourites/

February 4 - I stopped playing Axel's story in Disgaea 2 because it's way too grindy. I'm bary on the 90s-100s and the enemies are on the 200s. I'm watching the cutscenes in You Tube for the fun of the story. Axel is totally amusing. I might start playing Chrono Cross now.

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Fantasy Bit:

February 4 - Updated my profile page.


February 2 - To Live Another Day 50: Undeniable Emotions (Slayers)
February 3 - To Live Another Day 51: A New Mission (Slayers)
February 4 - To Live Another Day 52: Show Me How To Care (Slayers)


February 4 - Sleepy Xellos (Slayers)
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January 30 - I'm off to play Disgaea 2. I need to train my prism mage. The others area almost to level 70. I'm saving for some good equipment too, then its back to the story missions. I'm already in Zenon's castle, but I'm training in Shinra Tower.

January 31 - Watched Real Steel at work yesterday in bits and pieces as we processed the flight. Cute robots! I beat Disgaea 2's main story. I'm not sure which ending I got. I'm going to You Tube for the others. I started Axel's story, I'm still on the very first stage now. I won Adell's story with my magic using team of 5: blue, prism & star mages, red & star skulls. They were level 78-81. It was way easier than Disgaea 1, especially since I could heal after each fight. I'm back... I got the good ending. I like the twist with the worse ending, like when the being of solitude is defeated, the winner takes its place. It makes for a nice legend with a villain that can't truly be defeated with the hero becoming the new villain.

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January 30 - To Live Another Day 47: Rain and Sunshine (Slayers)
January 31 - To Live Another Day 48: A Golden Opportunity (Slayers)
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January 25 - I'm on episode 12 of Disgaea 2. I think I'm almost done. I wish Laharl got more screen time. Why didn't Flonne tag along? I want Axel to join too.

January 26 - Almost done with Disgaea 2. My team right now is star mage, blue mage, star skull, red skull, Adell, Rozalin, warrior. The magic users are in the late 50's almost all to level 60. The fighters are on the middle 30's, plus Yukimaru who is in the middle 20's.

January 27 - Disgaea 2, I need to level grind, I don't think my mages are the problem because the enemies are mages and other mages have more resistance to magic then the fighters so yeah, that would be my best "defense" I need to save and get some better equipment mainly.

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January 26 - To Live Another Day 43: Survival Is A Real Chore (Slayers)
January 27 - To Live Another Day 44: Perspectives and Perceptions (Slayers)
January 28 - To Live Another Day 45: Broken Denial (Slayers)


January 27 - Zelas Brass Rackets (Slayers)
January 27 - Milgazia Chibi (Slayers)
January 27 - Zelas and Milgazia (Slayers)
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I posted more random (true) stories about the airport! That's 5 parts now. :D

Part 1: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/183775.html
Part 2: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/187563.html
Part 3: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/204447.html
Part 4: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/210496.html
Part 5: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/213348.html (new!)

Making progress with Disgaea 2. The group is off to find Etna's nail. I hope Laharl and Flonne make an appearance soon. I'm also hoping for Gordon, Thursday and Jeniffer, but I doubt they'll be there. My mages are strong. I always do better with magic users in Disgaea. They level up fast because a multi-target spell is all it takes to finish off a lot of opponents. My warrior type characters only serve as bodyguards in the begging then my mages are the main attack force. I'm using the triple exp thing at the assemble on every battle for a bonus, though it's only for the first enemy. My team is: Adell, Rozalin, warrior, red skull, blue mage, healer, Yukimaru. I think I'll add another mage...

I'm supposed to answer one question every day for 30 days... I always cheat at these things. The topic is Slayers for http://theslayers.livejournal.com/646515.html

1) Favorite Character

Xellos & Zelgadis

2) Least Favorite Character

There's no one I particularly dislike.

3) Favorite Opening Song


4) Favorite Ending Song


5) Favorite Ship

XellosxFilia, AmeliaxZelgadis

6) Least Favorite Ship

MilgaziaxMemphis I don't hate it, it's just that Milgazia is among my favorites and I'm picky with who I ship my favs.

7) Favorite Season


8) Favorite Character that only appeared in one episode (anime or OVA)

None of them stand out that much... I guess Josephine was funny.

9) Favorite Spell

Dragon Slave

10) Favorite Episode

Evolution-R episode 4

11) Favorite Scene

I can't pick just one. Probably something funny with Xellos

12) Favorite Joke/Gag

Does "That is a secret" count?

13) Which do you prefer? The novels, manga, or anime?


14) Favorite Battle

Try final

15) Favorite Villain

Xellos if he counts as a "villain" if not then Zelas.

16) Least Favorite Villain

Zanaffar didn't seem to have as much of a story as the others, but it's still okay.

17) Would the universe explode if Naga and Amelia met on screen?

I don't think so, but if Naga, Martina, Sirene, Alphonse, Marty and the Naga clones all laughed at the same time, it might.

18) What do you wish would happen in the series?

Filia should make another appearance along with chibi Val. Also some plot involving Zelas, but not as the main villain that gets killed at the end, Zelas should totally be the last monster lord standing.

19) What is your favorite magical creature? Dragons, trolls, beastmen, etc


20) If you could cast magic, which type would you pick? Shamanism, black magic, or white magic?

Probably a mix. I would use electricity (shamanism) for regular attacks, basic recovery just in case (white) and balck magic for the big enemies.

21) If you could afford it, is there a job you would pay Lina to do for you?

nothing comes to mind at the time, but I might want something/someone/someplace o get a Dragon Slave if I'm angry enough.

22) Favorite Lina outfit/disguise

OVA normal outfit

23) Favorite Amelia outfit/disguise

star costume from the toy tower

24) Favorite Gourry outfit/disguise

Sailor Moon haired mermaid

25) Favorite Zelgadis outfit/disguise

rabbit costume from the toy tower

27) Favorite Xellos outfit/disguise

brass rackets outfit and the red dress from the female kingdom episode

28) Favorite Mazoku Design

Xellos' pretty eyes! Anime Zelas is also cool.

29) If you lived in the Slayers world, where would you live?

Wolf Pack Island

30) Do you hope there will be another new season?

Yes! (do you even need to ask?)

----- Updates -----


January 21 - To Live Another Day 38: The Unanswered Question (Slayers)
January 22 - To Live Another Day 39: The Unspoken Answer (Slayers)


January 22 - Gourry and Lina (Slayers)
January 22 - Filia and Xellos (Slayers)
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----- News -----

January 19 - This SOPA thing is becoming more viral than lol cats and that's saying plenty. In case anyone is curious, I don't join sites that request personal info, which means that I won't be giving out any, ever. If the (unlikely) rumors about Fanfiction Net, Deviant Art and other such sites being shut down or turned into spies ever (dreadfully) come true, then you'll be able to find me at http://piratesboard.net/mikari/ only since I have a nice non-spy host there (just a ninja pirate but that's another story). If the those sites don't get messed up, I'll still post on them of course.

January 20 - Yesterday leaving work I was going out of the parking lot into the road. I was thinking "go" but my foot was on the break in the middle of getting into my lain. Then a random car zooms by out of nowhere. O.o;; Needless to say I'm thankful that my foot didn't respond to my brain. Talk about little miracles to be grateful for.

I'm on episode 8 in Disgaea 2. I need to fight Axel, I decided to train a bit first. I find it more predictable than D1. Maybe I'm "used" to its style, but it took me longer to figure out who the red prinny and Midboss secretly were. I've had a theory about the masked servants and Rozalin's dreams for a long time now. At least the gameplay is easier, which is good since I'm not a fan of tactics, I'm in it for the cute characters and amusing story. Fom D1 Laharl and Flonne are my favs. From D2 I like Adell's design best, but he's too heroic and goody-goody. Axel's personality amuses me the most, but he's also a bit too goody-goody. I liked Flonne's geeky-goody-goody style and Laharl's selfishness, but I don't like fluffy or heroic good characters. Maybe because I'm only keep my promises to those I care for because I care, not because I promised, and I don't really bother with those I've "left behind" so I can't relate to them. Laharl's bratty ways reminds me of myself as a kid, though I masked as a Flonne most of the time until my true colors shone. Sure, I've changed over the years, but I can still relate to them and my kid-ish self slightly resurfaces now and then.

----- Updates -----


January 20 - To Live Another Day 37: Beating Hearts (Slayers)


January 20 - Zelas Metallium Alternate (Slayers)
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----- News -----

January 18 - Disgaea 2, I was actually cheering for the ridiculously over leveled Etna during the episode 3 fight. Yay for the D1 trio! I'm on episode 4 now. Axel is funny, he's like the Midboss of D2.

Have you heard about internet censoring? I saw it at Proboards and Dreamwidth. Someone at VDex also mentioned it. The internet needs to stay creative and free! Long live fanfics and fanart! Honestly, I didn't even read what that stuff was about, but it sounds ridiculous, I mean really, back off government, leave freedom of speech alone. I love US but I love the Internet a million times infinity more! If US internet gets ruined I'll make it my goal to become European or of whatever place still has good Internet. I saw that censorship thing on Wiki too. I keep getting redirected to pages about it. O.o;; It's all over the internet. There had been rumors about stuff like this before, but this time it's all over. Look at that, it's on Deviant Art too! Wait... these things are called SOPA and PIPA? Soup and pipe/belly in Spanish? Lol! Eat the soup to fill your belly? Soup makes you fat? Lol weird names. Anyway, those are still bad laws or proposed laws.

January 19 - I've been writting a lot lately. "Complications" (Mario) (which I sadly never got around to revise when I revised all my fics. Helped me learn to write better with Razzy's beta reading. I used 'said' too much before that and something the he and she if there were more than one came out unclear. Then after that I got some more practice with "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" (Summon Night), "Reborn" (Final Fantasy VII), "A Push in the Right Direction" (Nogami Neuro) and "Reintegration" (Final Fantasy VII). "Don't Give Me Diamonds" (Pokemon) was a real challenge where I learned more than I thought I could. Now it feels a lot easier to write long stories. My current project "To Live Another Day" (Slayers) is getting a lot of updates and its turning out to be a long story. It'll probably be over 50 chapters after all. :D

I'm on the battle tournament in Disgaea 2. I need to fight Axel next. I had to train a little, but I'm ready. We had some power failure today but now the electricity is stable again so I'm taking a break to write another chapter of my fic.

----- Updates -----


January 17 - To Live Another Day 34: Kindness Shall Be Rewarded (Slayers)
January 18 - To Live Another Day 35: Relatively Strange Relatives (Slayers)
January 19 - To Live Another Day 36: No Rest For The Wicked (Slayers)


January 17 - Sea Nails
January 17 - Galathia (Slayers)
January 17 - Chibi Onyx (Slayers)
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----- News -----

January 12 - Playing Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. The game play seems friendlier than 1, though I liked the characters from 1 better. The slow strategy style is still not my thing and I wish this was a real RPG. I got stuck on episode 2, I still to level up my kamikaze, I mean, my characters. I'm trying to collect at least 50 mana to make some extra characters.

January 15 - I taught all my Disgaea 2 mains to heal. I'm using Adell, Rozalin, Filia (healer), Gourry (male fighter), Lina (red skull, I know they're supposed to be boys but they look like girls with the pigtail hoods), Mikari (blue mage). I'm teaching my magic users to cast all the different elements available. I haven't unlocked much yet. I'll probably make one more character or wait for the another human to join (they can throw so that helps). I won't bother making ten characters to level (is ten the limit in this game too?) I do better with fewer better leveled characters. I'm on episode 3 so far. Adell and Axel are my favorites. I still like the story of Disgaea 1 better.

----- Updates -----


January 14 - To Live Another Day 31: Victory and Defeat (Slayers)
January 15 - To Live Another Day 32: Bandits, Dragons and Revenge (Slayers)
January 16 - To Live Another Day 33: Being Human Is Not Easy (Slayers)


January 12 - Dragon Ball bullet (pixel)
January 12 - Random Devices Icons (Sailor Moon, Zelgadis, Neuro, Seto, Sanzo)
January 12 - Purple and Green (Nails)
January 12 - Lina's Candy (Slayers)
January 14 - Chibi Zelas (Slayers)
January 15 - Chibi Gourry (Slayers)
January 16 - Chibi Zelgadis (Slayers)
January 16 - Sword (Slayers)


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