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June 15

Happy birthday Cherri!

lol Cleverbot! http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/228273.html

I beat Fate/Extra! :D

June 16

Kain from Lost Universe looks like Comet! O.O Kain did exist long before I created Comet, but I didn't see him until recently so I can assure that Comet was in no way based on Kain. I wasn't even that much into the Slayers series when I wrote Don't Give Me Diamonds (Pokemon) and it was because I later watched Slayers and after writing Slayers: Alive that I decided to look up Lost Universe because it's by the same author. I'm still on episode 1, watching bits and pieces during breaks at work. It makes sense that Kain is somewhat similar to Lina as they are the protagonists of anime by the same author, but the comet thing is totally random. XD Just go to Google image and type Lost Universe Kain and you'll see what I mean.

June 18

Yesterday I filled in on the afternoon shift of the airplane gas station near the airport. I'm only there as a backup and still do my usual night flight shift. I do wish I had the gas station as my regular shift. It's so good to spend two thirds of the time watching videos and playing PSP only occasionally actually having to work. Then it's easy work anyway, write down IDs, give out contractor badges and keep records of them, answer the phone and radio and scan credit cards when someone needs to pay for fuel. Customers are few since the regular cargo flights are not that many and only so many people own aircrafts. I haven't seen any helicopters yet, though they do service them. I did see a very pretty small private jet yesterday and posted a picture of it at DA, along with a few other random pics. The passenger airline pics (night) are from the airport and the pics that are by the window (day) are from a different runway that's next to the gas station, but the runways are connected, though it's like 5 minutes in a car from the airport to the gas station.

I've been watching some more episode of Lost Universe. It reminds me of Outlaw Star with Kain and Gene as the redhead protagonist and Melphina and Canal as the living ship control, albeit Canal is so much better than Melphina.

I had a weird dream, but didn't have time to blog about it. I was in the Fate/Extra universe with Zelas as my "servant" except she claimed to be the master who fought battles because she didn't need help from her servant who was supposed to be me. I was in the elevator set to fight against Rin, who had Milgazia as her servant. Then this happened:

Zelas: "Milgzia..."

Rin: "So you know who he is... then you should know that a golden dragon elder will not be defeated."

Mikari: "My ser- I mean... Beast Master Zelas, eats golden dragons..."

Rin: "..."

Milgazia: "...she does hunt my kind for dragon cuisine occasionally..."

Rin: "..."

The elevator reaches the arena and the fight starts.

Zelas: *kills Rin* (Note that I don't hate rin, this is just how the dream went!)

Milgazia: "You were supposed to fight me!"

Zelas: "These fights are too easy, take me lace and struggle by this girl's side." *disappears*

Milgazia: "...I guess this means you're my new master..."

Later we come out of the elevator and find Rani with her servant Xellos.

Xellos: "It looks like you won, but Beast Master has abandoned you..."

Later when we go to see who we'll fight in the next round the name had been erased and instead someone wrote "that is a secret" but that in itself made it pretty obvious I was up against Rani and Xellos. Then I woke up. Lucky for Milgazia because I had considered dressing him up as Filia in desperate effort to trick the trickster and win. XD

There is yet another fanfic archive that I joined... O.o;; http://yourfanfiction.com/viewuser.php?uid=3118 I only recently joined so I haven't posted all my stories yet.

Go to my main site for links to all my fanfic archive profiles: http://piratesboard.net/mikari/

I finally downloaded Gurumin from the PSN, though I bought it some time ago. I also got a PSN mini that looked like Cloud pretending to be Link. It's called Zenonia. I haven't actually played them yet, but I'll get to it as soon as I do some stuff online. XD Whenever I get around to play them, as usual I'll blog about it.

June 15 - Slayers Alive 146: Rescue! Break Free And Rise Up (Slayers)
June 15 - Revolution 3: Amusement Park (X-Men: Evolution)
June 15 - Slayers Alive 147: Life! The Chaotic Force That Unites Us (Slayers)
June 18 - Slayers Days 19: You want me to wear what?! (Slayers)
June 18 - Slayers Alive 148: Fight! A Test Of Determination (Slayers)

June 15 - Beast Master Zelas Icon and Cursors (Slayers)
June 18 - Jet Blue (photo)
June 18 - Cookie (photo)
June 18 - Parking for land and sky (photo)
June 18 - Fish (photo)
June 18 - Spirit (photo)
June 18 - United 1 (photo)
June 18 - United 2 (photo)
June 18 - Airplane (photo)
June 18 - Tower (photo)

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central.
- Finish uploading fanfics to Your Fanfiction.
- Finish posting Slayers: Alive.
- Revise and finish Azure.
- Organize the Fantasy Bit and Azure folders.
- Finish Revolution (X-Men: Emolution fanfic).
- Revamp Golden Phoenix (Kaleido Star Layla fansite).
- Finish Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Update Missions and Deliveries (Final Fantasy VII).
- Write new Mario fanfic.
- Write Sailor Moon fic, sort of Molly-centric.
- Write Lufia II fanfic, Dekar-centric.
- Make a ton of pixels, icons and cursors!
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June 5 - I'm on round 4 of Fate Extra. I played a lot today. So far I think Archer (the player's partner) is my fav character.

June 6 - There's a part in Fate Extra where you have to fight a vampire. I'm semi-stuck as I need more levels before I can beat her, but that's not what this blog is about. If you have your character check out the library this is found: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo69/mikaristar/extra/fateextra1.png Yes, it's an actual photo of the screen. XD

June 8 - On episode 4 of Uta no Prince. It's okay, not super amusing, but it has nice art. I'm training to beat Julius on Fate Extra. Need more levels, especially if his servant is stronger than that vampire girl.

June 9 - Been watching Uta no Prince during break at work. Xellos (my iPod) takes really good screen shots. XD Hyuga is cool. It was amusing seeing him in a scene like the start of Mission Impossible 2. XD I think episode 5 has been the most amusing so far.

June 5 - Slayers Alive 134: Insanity! Welcome to Wonderland
June 6 - Slayers Alive 135: Fan Service! Minimal Dress Code
June 6 - Slayers Alive 136: Actors! All The World's A Stage
June 7 - Slayers Alive 137: Trapped! Growing Tensions, Critical Proximity
June 7 - Revolution 01: Heat Wave (X-Men: Evolution)
June 7 - Slayers Alive 138: Beach! The Sky, The Sand And The Sea
June 8 - Slayers Alive 139: Will! Side-Effects Of The Sea Of Chaos
June 9 - Slayers Alive 140: Tidal Wave! We Are The Bringers Of Chaos
June 9 - Slayers Alive 141: Glow! The Pain Of The Unknown

June 8 - Milgazia Icon and Cursors (Slayers)
June 9 - Lina Icon and Cursors (Slayers)
June 9 - Zelgadis x Amelia 50x50 pixel avatar (Slayers)
June 9 - Gourry x Lina 50x50 pixel avatar (Slayers)
June 9 - Jellybean Icons and Cursors
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If Inuyasha lets go of his sword he goes crazy with his power that's otherwise locked away awakening and going berserk, if Zenki picks up the golden axe he goes crazy in the same way... I'm guessing that I can expect Chiaki to be all Kagome in a future episode and bring Zenki back to his sense maybe? Oh wait, Zenki was made before Inuyasha, so Kagome is the one acting like Chiaki. XD

I found some more similarities between Inuyasha and Zenki. Continued from here: http://turkmikari.livejournal.com/217583.html

- There's a weapon that affects the main guy's power.

- There's a monk that travels around with the group.

- An ally was brainwashed and forced to work for the villains.

- There is time travel from the modern age to the feudal era.

- There are mythological creatures.

- There's a tree that's significant to the plot.

- There are small magical items that induce transformations and create troublesome beasts.
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----- News -----

December 27 - Like I said in Amassment http://amassment.livejournal.com Am I the only one who likes the new LJ comments? Sure the subjects were nice, but editing is available without a paid account and the comment screen looks nicer. Overall I find that it has more pros than cons. Regardless I'm making a Dreamwidth anyway because hey they're free and I can use it to keep track of only certain posts and keep the ramblings on LJ as they already are. So I'm filling up the profile and it asks for my gender, the options being "Male", "Female", "Other" and "Rather not Say". The "not say" thing, it's understandable if for whatever reason someone wants to hide their gender, but "other?" Without getting into the variety of orientations that there are in the world, as far as I know, there are only two genders. It made me laugh about how "politically correct" they're trying to be. XD Here's my DW url: http://mikaristar.dreamwidth.org

December 28 - Before I forget to post the link XD Rate me at Gaia Online http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gaia/original-avatar/vote/?entry_id=102636267 I changed Fantasy Bit's layout, a new layout for the New Year. XD I'm still playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. I got a decent deck now and unlocked Leo's first event. I'm also trying to get the Yusei and Jack events... and everyone else. XD There are many cards to collect in this game. O.o;;

----- Updates -----

Fantasy Bit:

December 28 - New layout: Lightning from Dissidia 012.


December 28 - To Live Another Day 25: Ye Who Ask For Ruin (Slayers)


December 26 - Blue and Green Gold (Nails)
December 26 - Another Xellos? (Slayers)
December 26 - Chibi Filia (Slayers)
December 27 - Little Minion (Slayers)
December 27 - Xellos Banner (Slayers)
December 28 - Lina Background (Slayers)
December 28 - Dream Width (Slayers)
December 28 - Lightning Layout (Dissidia 012)


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