Apr. 27th, 2012

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April 24 - Freedom of Speech Fanfiction is alive again? No, not really, it's only back to agonizing mode. Although, the new owners have only recently acquired it so there's plenty to fix before it's in decent working conditions on the server side.

April 26 - I thought I would be late at work yesterday. I was ready to sit at the office playing Yugioh waiting for the tire change, as my job was done at the time, but I would still have to wait for the plane to leave. Then the captain decided to leave with the tire as it was since it passed inspection, though they would still need to change it when they landed. So I didn't leave as late as I thought.

I'm watching episode 1 of Legend of Korra. I'm not into older non-adventurer versions of heroes, but this seems to fit quite well. Korra is amusing. Lol at how one of the kids asked about Zuko's mom and was interrupted before Katara could reveal the secret. That's been one of the questions everyone's been wondering about since the end of the first series. Looking forward to the next episode whenever that is. I'm really going to miss Iroh and his jokes. Who is the old man in red with the weird magikarp mustache? I don't think he had a scar, so not Zuko.

To Do List:
- Finish uploading fanworks to Fanart Central
- Loyalty (Pokemon chapter fic)
- Pokemon one shot (title pending)
- Slayers: Days (writing challenge collection)
- Revamp RED Reno (Final Fantasy VII) fansite
- Write hero's journey for Layla
- Revamp Golden Phoenix Layla (Kaleido Star) fansite
- Revamp Surreptitious Summon Night fansite
- Revamp Fantasy Bit
- Write and post as of yet untitled Dekar-centric Estpolis fanfic

April 24 - Loyalty 01: Nostalgia (Pokemon)
April 24 - Loyalty 02: Surprise (Pokemon)
April 25 - Loyalty 03: Secrets (Pokemon)
April 25 - Slayers Alive 104: Party! Festivities of Hilarity (Slayers)
April 26 - Loyalty 04: Revelations (Pokemon)
April 26 - Slayers Alive 105: Tension! Diplomatic Discussions
April 26 - Slayers Days 1: Misplaced Reality
April 27 - Loyalty 05: Anger (Pokemon)
April 27 - Slayers Alive 106: Cycle! Worse Comes To Worst

April 26 - Sneaky Dekar (Lufia)
April 26 - Dekar Kaos Wave (Lufia)


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