Feb. 11th, 2012

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February 11 - "To Live Another Day" has been renamed "Slayers Life" but will keep its original title here at DA to make it easier to find all the chapters. As for this doodle. It's a scene from the upcoming story "Slayers Days" previously known as "Of Love and Sports". The new story will be like a collection of one-shots but also an overall story. That is to say, the episodes will each have a self contained plot and theme but there will also be some eventual overall character development. It will be humors, light and easy to read. It will also be constantly centered about Xellos and Filia, tough some mentions of AmeliaxZelgadis and LinaxGourry will most likely be made. I guess you can compare it to the earlier chapters of Slayers Life where the story was light and relatively simply. That story eventually get complicated, but Slayers Days will say focused on the humor all through.

Edit: Changed "Life" to "Alive" because I think it sounds cooler. Okay, I'm done being indecisive now. XD Really this is all a work in progress. I have several Slayers things planned for when I finish the story. :D I also have some more Pokemon things planned and Final Fantasy VII.

Fanfiction Net's +1 google thing is messed up. D: Do I need to add everything all over again after the site's failure yesterday? It shouldn't affect Google, right? Then why aren't the buttons blue? I'm angry at my internet connection.

It keeps failing constantly. I was told before that the line was too weak to be split, but it's split anyway (phone + internet with 2 phones but only one number so it's one call at a time.) Dad put a phone in my tech room so that I could easily pick it up when when I'm there and hear it despite having headphones because it's right next to me. Except I hate picking up the phone anyway so I don't want the stupid phone. I doubt disconnecting it would help because there's still the extension that leads to the kitchen so mother can use the phone. It might help I bit though, I don't know. I'll get rid of it and see. Why must internet come with phones? No one here cares about the phone, mother and I have cell phones and dad couldn't care less about calling anyone. Actually I only have my cell for emergencies, parents pay for it because I don't even want it, but they insist on me having it for emergencies. It's cheap and prepaid and doesn't have any games or wifi so really, I don't care much for it. I'm definitely an email person. The good phones come with plans which I don't want. I'm not going to pay for a cell plan just so I can use the bonus features and never use the things I actually pay for. If I find an offer that's internet only I'm getting rid of the house phone. But I can't get rid of it if it's on the plan because if mother doesn't use it she won't pay for it. I don't mind paying for the whole thing myself (phone+internet) granted that the stupid phone doesn't get in the way of my net. But then she'll whine about me paying for it and not using it and will want to use it so that it's not "wasted" and I'm not paying for a phone to be used, I'd pay to get rid of the stupid thing.

After getting some recommendations on Beloved Enemy http://z3.invisionfree.com/Beloved_Enemy/index.php?act=site (join! join!) I started watching Maison Ikkoku. It's so ancient, by the same author as Ranma. The main girl looks like Kagome. It looks pretty slow though, not actiony like Ranma. I might drop it in favor of something actiony.

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February 11 - Slayers Alive 58: The Value Of A Coin (Slayers)


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