Feb. 7th, 2012

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----- News -----

February 5 - Started playing Chono Cross, so far unimpressed, but not hating it. I have very low expectations so it will hopefully not disappoint.

February 7 - I'm online more often than playing games lately, but I'm slowly making progress through Chrono Cross, very slowly. I've been playing for less than an hour total. Heading to Termina with Leena and the puppy. I'm playing on the PSP, I wonder if there's a hidden option to let me stretch the image. Right now it doesn't take up the whole PSP screen so it's super tiny.

On a random note, it seems I'm only capable of choking on things no one chokes on. I can stuff my face with food and not have a problem, big barely chewed bites are okay for me. Water I must drink slowly because water hates me, but don't they ell people to drink water so they won't choke on food? Just now I ate a handful of candy hearts, no problem, ten minutes later I breathe and choke on air for no reason. It happens like once every two years or so. It's been about that long since I last choked on something that doesn't make sense, so I guess I should have expected it.

----- Updates -----


February 5 - To Live Another Day 53: An Interesting Detour (Slayers)
February 6 - To Live Another Day 54: The Mysterious Lady (Slayers)
February 7 - To Live Another Day 55: The Birds and the Bees (Slayers)


February 5 - Sleepy (Slayers)
February 6 - Celo Metallium (Slayers)
February 6 - Baby Dragon Val (Slayers)
February 6 - Val Transparent Color (Slayers)
February 6 - Dragon Val Wallpaper (Slayers)
February 7 - Val and Palou (Slayers)


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