Feb. 1st, 2012

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----- News -----

January 30 - I'm off to play Disgaea 2. I need to train my prism mage. The others area almost to level 70. I'm saving for some good equipment too, then its back to the story missions. I'm already in Zenon's castle, but I'm training in Shinra Tower.

January 31 - Watched Real Steel at work yesterday in bits and pieces as we processed the flight. Cute robots! I beat Disgaea 2's main story. I'm not sure which ending I got. I'm going to You Tube for the others. I started Axel's story, I'm still on the very first stage now. I won Adell's story with my magic using team of 5: blue, prism & star mages, red & star skulls. They were level 78-81. It was way easier than Disgaea 1, especially since I could heal after each fight. I'm back... I got the good ending. I like the twist with the worse ending, like when the being of solitude is defeated, the winner takes its place. It makes for a nice legend with a villain that can't truly be defeated with the hero becoming the new villain.

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January 30 - To Live Another Day 47: Rain and Sunshine (Slayers)
January 31 - To Live Another Day 48: A Golden Opportunity (Slayers)
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----- News -----

February 1 - Went to buy gift for a coworker's baby shower. Driving during the day feels off now that I'm used to the night. It was so bright and crowded! As I was stuck in a traffic jam someone in a bike zoomed by way faster than the cars... -.- I finally got to the store and bought the gift... right after I picked out a hair clip, a perfume and five nail polishes for myself. XD I have so many shades of blue! ♥

To Do List

Finish "To Live Another Day" (Slayers)
Write "Loyalty" (Pokemon)
Write "Of Love and Sports" (Slayers)
Update all one-shot collections
Write Valkyria Chronicles II reader insert
Work on webdesign projects

----- Updates -----


February 1 - To Live Another Day 49: The Scent Of Passion


February 1 - Yellow and Blue (nails)


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