Jan. 4th, 2012

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January 3 - Yay for days off! I have today and tomorrow this week. I'll write fics and play games. ^_^ I'm slowly watching Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds again, I'm on episode 61. I stopped watching Inuyasha: Final Act on episode 4 because I couldn't find the dub of 5. I'll get back to that. I'm still playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 4 (PSP) I have tons of event duels left to unlock.

January 4 - I copied and pasted this from the Amassment resolution meme. http://amassment.livejournal.com/150576.html

With every passing year my "Resolutions" turn into more of a "To Do List" but I'm getting better at doing everything on the list so that's still good. XD Most of my plans are fandom related, but I do have some shrine related things I want to do when I get the fics done...

- Finish writing my Slayers fanfic "To Live Another Day" (expected to be over 50 chapters)

- Outline the plot and then write "Loyalty" (Pokemon fanfic) (expected to be about 10 chapters)

- Practice writing in different ways... Explanation: The plot outline of "Don't Give Me Diamonds" (Pokemon) developed little by little staying a few chapters ahead of the writing. The outline of "To Live Another Day" was done before the writing started although not in detail and it had changed a lot, although it had already reach the (possibly) final version. For "Loyalty" (Pokemon) I plan to have a full outline first. For "Reintegration" (Final Fantasy VII) I had a plan in my head, though not a written outline. For "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" (Summon Night) I had no plan what so ever and made it up as I went along, I didn't even have an ending in mind, though people think it turned out well. Since "To Live Another Day" (Slayers) and the upcoming "Loyalty" (Pokemon) are both so reliant on a solid preplanned outline, I want the one to come after that to be free writing (I have a concept and an ending in mind already, but nothing in the middle). I want to be able to follow a plan and be able to improvise. That story will be related to Valkyria Chronicles II.

- Summary: Work on these fanfics... one at the time so I can fully focus on them:
- "To Live Another Day" (Slayers)
- "Loyalty" (Pokemon)
- Untitled (Valkyria Chrinicles II)

- Finally, when I get all of that done, I intend to do something web-design related... A mini-shrine to a somewhat unusual subject and possibly invite others to shrine subjects of similar themes, as there are very few such shrines out there... I might move this up on the list to right after finishing "To Live Another Day" (Slayers)... probably... I know it's not too specific, but I would rather not spoil it (that and though I have the theme I don't have a final choice on the subject yet so I couldn't tell you anyway) ^^;;

- This one is less of a to do thing and more of a "constant" thing. Give my collective http://piratesboard.net/mikari/ a new layout every now and then, like say once a month.

- Make some more graphics for Surreptitious http://piratesboard.net/mikari/summon/night.php I mean really 15+ information sections and only 2 media sections? I need to add more shinies to make it more "me" XD Although I'll probably add some more information too.

- Add some more info to Golden Phoenix (possibly) I would have to rewatch the series or find some good episode summaries to refresh my memory... I'll probably rewatch since the information I need is mostly in the first part of the series and that's just 26 episodes, plus I can take screen shots. This will take a while, as I plan to do a character study with the hero monomyth inspired by Snow's awesome Aya Brea site Liberation http://piratesboard.net/ss/aya/ and I know little about it, so I'll have to study up. I also need to revise the similarities page and read (listen to my computer reading) the whole site once I'm done with the ambitious project to make sure it all fits in nicely.

Is a year even enough? O.o;; Maybe I should make this my resolution list for the next decade. XD lol, just kidding, it shouldn't take more than a year or two.

----- Updates -----


January 3 - To Live Another Day 27: Magic Lessons (Slayers)


January 3 - Amelia Reading (Slayers)
January 3 - Another Dress (Slayers)


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