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June 5 - I'm on round 4 of Fate Extra. I played a lot today. So far I think Archer (the player's partner) is my fav character.

June 6 - There's a part in Fate Extra where you have to fight a vampire. I'm semi-stuck as I need more levels before I can beat her, but that's not what this blog is about. If you have your character check out the library this is found: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo69/mikaristar/extra/fateextra1.png Yes, it's an actual photo of the screen. XD

June 8 - On episode 4 of Uta no Prince. It's okay, not super amusing, but it has nice art. I'm training to beat Julius on Fate Extra. Need more levels, especially if his servant is stronger than that vampire girl.

June 9 - Been watching Uta no Prince during break at work. Xellos (my iPod) takes really good screen shots. XD Hyuga is cool. It was amusing seeing him in a scene like the start of Mission Impossible 2. XD I think episode 5 has been the most amusing so far.

June 5 - Slayers Alive 134: Insanity! Welcome to Wonderland
June 6 - Slayers Alive 135: Fan Service! Minimal Dress Code
June 6 - Slayers Alive 136: Actors! All The World's A Stage
June 7 - Slayers Alive 137: Trapped! Growing Tensions, Critical Proximity
June 7 - Revolution 01: Heat Wave (X-Men: Evolution)
June 7 - Slayers Alive 138: Beach! The Sky, The Sand And The Sea
June 8 - Slayers Alive 139: Will! Side-Effects Of The Sea Of Chaos
June 9 - Slayers Alive 140: Tidal Wave! We Are The Bringers Of Chaos
June 9 - Slayers Alive 141: Glow! The Pain Of The Unknown

June 8 - Milgazia Icon and Cursors (Slayers)
June 9 - Lina Icon and Cursors (Slayers)
June 9 - Zelgadis x Amelia 50x50 pixel avatar (Slayers)
June 9 - Gourry x Lina 50x50 pixel avatar (Slayers)
June 9 - Jellybean Icons and Cursors


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